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You probably haven’t used many of the cosmetics, etc that were used in yesteryears, but there are many ways beauty products have improved over time. That means that your favorite products are very different to the ones your grandma or great-grandma used. As researchers and scientists learn more about the body and beauty, they get better at developing products that keep it beautiful and healthy. Here are some ways beauty products have improved. You can thank science for that because it means you have the best skin possible.

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Better Bristles

You can bet that the bristles on your hairbrush are way better than they were just a few decades ago. You want soft bristles that do the job without causing unneeded damage and destruction to your hair. Now, you can find hairbrushes equipped with plastic or even fabric bristles that are easy on your strands for the best hair ever. If that’s not one of the best ways beauty products have improved, I don’t know what is.


Dry Products

If you talk about dry shampoo or conditioner with your grandma, she may not know what you are talking about. These days you have the benefit of having such products at your fingertips. Dry shampoo helps suck up the oil in your hair so you can go a bit longer between washes. Dry conditioner helps add moisture back into your hair since dry shampoo on its own can be dehydrating.


Better Razors

Nowadays, you can get the closest and best shave possible because product creators are much better at making razors that glide over your skin and shear the hairs below the surface. Of course, you can still find cheap ones like those from years ago, but the new advanced versions are far superior to those from past decades.


Beefed up Mascara

When you shop for mascara, you are probably well aware of how overwhelming making a choice can be. After all, there are often entire aisles devoted to mascara. The reason is because that manufacturers have gotten far better at formulating products that meet the specific needs of women everywhere. Whether that’s lengthening, plumping or separating, you can thank your lucky stars that there is now a product to meet your needs.


Speed Set Nail Polish

Gone are the days when waiting for your nail polish to dry took hours upon hours. Now, it’s designed to dry in no time flat so you can get back to your life. The addition of quick drying ingredients means that you can get a manicure done in mere minutes. That’s probably one of my favorite beauty product improvements! What about you?


Tinted Skin Products

Tanned skin has been equated with a healthy glow for a long time now. There was once a time when that meant oiling up the skin and laying out in the sun for hours. Now that we know how dangerous that is, skin product manufacturers have responded by stocking store shelves with tinted products. They don’t pose the risks of unprotected skin exposure, but still leave you with that glow you crave. Look for tinted sunscreen, lotion and make-up.


Jazzed up Deodorant

You might not consider deodorant a beauty product, but there’s nothing beautiful about smelling like sweat. Am I right? There was a time when one size fit all deodorant was all that could be found. Now there are various formulations for different needs. You can also get a range of scents to match your personality.

Did you know that there have been so many improvements to beauty products over the years? We’re pretty lucky, aren’t we? What improvements are you thankful for?

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Hi which razors are the best.

Primer that didn't exist a few years back

Rasors are super cheap now. They make them so uou buy more because they use a material that wont shave as good for a long while. Begire the razors were made of a better metal and could last for years

Years ago there seemed to be just the one make up remover. Ponds Cold Cream ? Now thankfully I can chose between hundreds depending on what type of skin I have. And the shades of lipstick ? Hundreds now ! Mascara probably the best improvement of the lot- used to be more or less just the one solid block that you had to wet before using a stupid little brush.

I'm most thankful for better razors and tinted skin products. I can't believe those cheap, two blade Bic razors are still on the market!

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