7 Ways Citrus Fruits Make You Beautiful ...


7 Ways Citrus Fruits Make You Beautiful ...
7 Ways Citrus Fruits Make You Beautiful ...

Who knew you were eating something that could make you more beautiful? Next time you buy citrus fruits for eating, grab a few extras and incorporate them into your beauty routine. They can be used in many ways and they don’t cost a lot to try. You are going to love what citrus can do for you beauty wise. And if you don’t want to buy extra citrus fruits, you can certainly look for products that contain them for benefits that can’t be beat.

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I love the way citrus fruits smell, don’t you? That makes them great options for creating a unique scent that’s really different from many perfumes you can find on store shelves. Grapefruit is especially refreshing and is wonderful in a body mist. I wouldn’t recommend putting fresh citrus juices on your body as that will burn. But if you love the smell of citrus, look for a perfume or body mist that contains it.


Whiten Your Teeth

Citrus fruits are a natural tooth whitener. Just nibbling on a wedge of lemon, lime or orange will naturally clean and whiten your teeth. It’s important to know that the acid in citrus fruits can wear away tooth enamel, so you don’t want to do this all this time. Once in a while, combined with your other tooth care techniques, is enough to do the job.



You know that you should be exfoliating your skin on a regular basis. It turns out that skincare experts recommend dried orange peel as a great way to do this. You can find it at natural food stores, but you can also dry and crush your own after eating an orange. This may not be appropriate for your delicate facial skin, but works wonders for softening and smoothing the skin on your body.


Face Mask

The popularity of homemade face masks is growing and there are loads of ingredients you probably have lying around the kitchen. Citrus fruits have lightening properties and works to uncover your natural radiance. Try combining orange peels with yogurt and honey and allowing it soak into your face for several minutes before rinsing.


Treating Blackheads

We’ve all suffered from a blackhead or two in our lifetime, right? It turns out that many experts suggest using lemons to get rid of them. All you have to do is apply fresh lemon juice to your face, then rinse well. Be careful not to do this too often as it can dry out your skin. Once a week or so is probably all you need.


Skin Bleacher

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your elbows and knees look darker than the rest of your body? Lemons have bleaching properties, which can help you balance the colors out a bit better. Simply cut a lemon in half and rub it over your elbows and knees and you’ll notice lighter skin in no time.


Strengthen Nails

If you get gel manicures or acrylics you probably notice that your natural nails don’t look that great. Luckily, some lemon juice can help. Mix a bit of it with olive oil and soak your nails and cuticles in the mixture for several minutes. This will help hydrate and strengthen your nails while also getting rid of discoloration left behind by your products.

How do you use citrus fruits? I like to eat them as much as I like to use them in my beauty routine. Do you have any other tips for using them?

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Take your tooth brush dip in lemon juice and baking soda and your on your way to white teeth SMILE!!😁

Oh gosh, DO NOT USE LEMON ON YOUR FACE. Not only is extremely acidic but it also causes discoloration

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