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Lack of sleep is something is we all battle at some time or another. The occasional bad few nights are probably nothing to worry about, but if you regularly suffer from lack of sleep, it’s time to make some changes. That’s because not getting enough shut eye can really mess with you. Not only can it make you cranky, destabilize your immune system and cause you to overeat, but it can also really mess with your looks. I know – not good, right? Check out these ways that not getting enough sleep can interfere with your beauty and I bet you’ll be rushing to bed in no time.

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Reduced Blood Flow

When you suffer from a lack of sleep, it means your arteries aren’t as healthy and functional as they should be. That means your risk of heart disease goes up, but it also means your skin pays the price. Without adequate blood flow to your skin, it will start looking less than healthy – that means dry and dull. Fortunately, getting some extra hours in bed can really help.



No girl wants to find wrinkles on her face, right? I know I don’t! Unfortunately, skimping on your sleep can promote their development. That’s because tired skin isn’t healthy skin. Over time, the lack of blood flow mentioned above can lead to sagging and wrinkling. In addition, being tired can make you more prone to squinting and tensing up your face, both of which also contribute to wrinkles.



Wrinkles aren’t the only skin issue that can age you. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body pumps out the stress hormone, cortisol, which can lead to sagging and dark circles. Not only do these things age you, but over time, cortisol can break down your collagen, leaving you looking older than you really are.


Slows Human Growth Hormone Production

Lack of sleep means your body slows down its production of human growth hormone. That might not sound like such a big deal since you’re an adult now, but it turns out that it still plays a role in your beauty, no matter your age. Human growth hormone contributes to skin repair and maintenance. This happens when you sleep, so not hitting the hay early enough can interfere with the process.



Your mood can definitely show up in your appearance. If you don’t get enough sleep, chances are you feel cranky or depressed and that will show up on your face. You’ll probably look a little mean or angry, and that’s not beautiful, right? Making a point of getting enough rest means you can feel and look happy no matter what life throws your way.


Skin Conditions Flare

I think that all of us with a chronic skin condition, such as eczema, can say that there’s nothing beautiful about it. It hurts and looks gross, right? Well, it turns out that lack of sleep can trigger a flare up of certain skin conditions. So if you have one, it’s best to monitor your sleep habits so you can keep symptoms at bay.


Weight Gain

Of course, women can be beautiful at any size, but many report feeling that they aren’t as gorgeous when they put on a few pounds. If that describes you then it’s a good idea to understand that staying up too late all the time can lead to weight gain. That’s because it messes with the balance of appetite hormones that normally keep you from eating everything in sight. On the other hand, plenty of rest gives you more willpower and helps suppress your appetite.

How does sleep make you feel beautiful? When I’m well rested, I feel like I can take on the whole world and that makes me feel great! Are any of these new to you?

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Wow very helpful info i do have trouble going sleep i sometimes stay up into 7 am but i do go to sleep that very important to me

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