7 Ways to Act Confident when You Hate Your Looks ...

When you're trying to get your crush's attention, you're told to act confident. When you're trying to land your dream job, you're told to act confident. "Act confident" is the biggest tip that ladies are offered, but it's pretty difficult to do when you're not comfortable with your appearance. If you can't see your beauty when you look in the mirror, here are a few ways to act confident when you hate your looks:

1. Redirect Focus Away from Flaws

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There must be something that you like about yourself, so focus on that. If you love your fashion sense, wear clothes that make you feel great. If you love your hair, style it in a way that'll guarantee you'll get compliments. For the entire day, you need to focus on that pretty part of you, and ignore everything else. That way, acting confident will come a whole lot easier.

2. Befriend Positive Buddies

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Remember the scene in Mean Girls when everyone is insulting their appearance, so Cady has to think of something about herself she hates too? Well, that's pretty accurate. If you hang around people who hate themselves, then you're going to have a mindset like theirs. That's why you need to surround yourself with optimistic people who will impact you in a positive way.

3. Play Pretend

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This one should only be temporary, because you're amazing just the way you are. However, when you're in dire need of a confidence boost, pretend that you're a gorgeous supermodel or the character from your favorite book. That way, it'll be impossible for you to second guess yourself. It'll give you the courage you need to approach your crush, and then you can go back to being yourself.

4. Conceal, Don't Feel

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Appreciating your body takes time. So until you learn to love your legs, feel free to cover them with pants that give you a great shape. Until you learn to love your eyes, pile makeup on top of them. However, you can never forget that this is only a temporary fix. You're only covering up your "flaws" until you learn to stop considering them flaws.

5. Celebrity Copycat

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Take a look at your favorite celebrities during interviews and watch the way they hold themselves. Do they slouch? Do they mumble? Figure out what they do right and wrong and then apply it to your own life. If you're brave, you could even record yourself on camera, play it back, and figure out what you need to change to make yourself appear more confident.

6. Ask around for Other Opinions

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When you look in a mirror, all you see is your big forehead and buck teeth. However, when your parents look at you, all they see is beauty. Ask your mother or best friend to describe what you look like and they'll point out plenty of positive things that you've never thought about before.

7. Learn to Love Yourself

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You've always been told to love your body, but it's not as easy as it sounds. However, it's entirely possible if you give yourself time. A good tip is to stop looking in the mirror and into your phone's camera to check your appearance. If you're feeling good, then there's no reason to check your reflection when it could ruin your mood. Just tell yourself that you look as beautiful as you feel.

Confidence is hard to fake, but even harder to actually possess. However, with a little positive thinking, you could be the most confident chick in town! What gives you the most confidence?

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