15 Ways to Boost Your Sex Appeal – in an Instant ...

Do you have allure? Do you ooze sex appeal? Let’s be honest - few of us do without a little help! But there are times when we just want to get our sexy on whether it’s to attract the eye of a certain someone (or anyone ^_^) or to suit a vibe you’re feeling. Newsflash – there’s no need for a full makeover to look sexy. Here are a few simple tricks every wannabe sex kitten should know:

1. Trade Red Lipstick for a Natural Color

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Red lipstick used to be the symbol of sex appeal in days gone by, for example in the vampy golden age of Hollywood. It is true that the sight of red lips can be alluring, but they can also be very high maintenance and worrying about keeping them perfect can distract you from other aspects of your confidence and sexuality. Red can also be sexy in an “obvious” way. Be alluring. Tone it down a little and go for a softer, creamier color that will go you a warm, inviting, more natural finish.

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