7 Ways to Feel Absolutely Beautiful Even on Your Worst of Days ...


7 Ways to Feel Absolutely Beautiful Even on Your Worst of Days ...
7 Ways to Feel Absolutely Beautiful Even on Your Worst of Days ...

Bad days make you feel down and just plain crummy. You may even be having a bad day because you’re not feeling good about your how you look. Most women have been there. These’re 7 ways to help you feel beautiful on bad days.

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Look at a Picture of Yourself That You Love

Look at a Picture of Yourself That You Love When you’re not feeling your best, look at a picture of yourself that you love. This’s a great way to lift your spirits. It’s a good reminder of how beautiful you are, even if you’re having an off day. You’re the same person and you’re just as lovely now as then. It may help to wear the same thing you were wearing in the picture or do your makeup or hair the same way if you can.


Wear Something You Love

Wear Something You Love Wearing an outfit you love almost always makes you feel better, even on a bad day. When you like what you see in the mirror then you’re going to feel happier. It’s like you have this special little boost the whole day through. No matter what’s going on, your outfit rocks!


Spritz on Your Favorite Perfume

Spritz on Your Favorite Perfume Wearing a perfume you love is a way to feel pretty while also soothing your mood. I love to wear the perfume I wore when my husband and I were dating. Our memories are closely linked to fragrances so a whiff of that fragrance immediately takes me back to that time. If you wore a certain perfume at a special time in your life then try wearing it when your spirits need a lift. If you’re in a special season of life now then choose a specific fragrance to wear. Wearing it in the future will bring sweet memories.



Dance It’s impossible to be sad when you’re getting your groove on. You’ll feel happier and prettier because you know that dancing is exercise and it’s good for you. This can also work with other types of exercise. They may not be as much fun as dancing but they can make you feel better about yourself. Also, exercising releases endorphins which boost your mood.


Go Shopping

Go Shopping Retail therapy works, ladies. No, it doesn’t make your problems go away but it makes them seem smaller. It’s a nice way to forget about them for awhile. And you always feel better with a new lipstick or pair of shoes to wear. It’s fun and it makes you feel beautiful.


Spend Time with Someone Who Thinks You’re Amazing

Spend Time with Someone Who Thinks You’re Amazing If you’re fortunate enough to have someone in your life that thinks you’re amazing then spend some time with them when you’re feeling down. It could be your grandmother, your man or a special friend. If they make you feel better then you need them on days you’re down. Listen to those who love you when they tell you how fabulous you are. Treasure those words!


Look at Your Inner Beauty

Look at Your Inner Beauty Beauty is more than your exterior appearance. It also includes your inner beauty. I feel like we sometimes forget the importance of inner beauty. Not only does it make you a lovely person but it enhances your outer beauty, as well. Have you ever known someone who may not have been gorgeous but because of their personality, they’re positively glowing? Your inner beauty matters, too.

These’re 7 ways to feel beautiful even on bad days. What do you do to feel beautiful when life’s got you down? I’d love to hear your tips!

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I wear one of my favorite outfits.

Beautifully written 😊👍 will definitely try these tips 👍


Going shopping is the WORST thing you can do. Because every time you feel like crap and you go shopping you can spend a ridiculous amount of money that can probably get you in debt and since when does shopping make you feel beautiful????

Thankie for this..

I listen to music very loud and sing like nobody can't hear

4 and 5 always works for me LOL

I agree with the shopping it lifts my mood

This is perfect!!!

just kinda think that well nearly nobody will notice if my makeup or something isn't perfect and then kinda think that i guess i'm just gonna smile and stuff so that i still seem confident

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