7 Ways to Flatter a Petite Figure ...


7 Ways to Flatter a Petite Figure ...
7 Ways to Flatter a Petite Figure ...

As a short girl myself, I promise you that learning how to flatter a petite figure is incredibly easy. It all comes down to making the right fashion choices, so once you know what works, you're all set! Make no mistake, I'm definitely not talking about hiding a shorter, more petite figure; this is all about flattering a petite figure, making it look its best. Embrace your shortness! Who cares if you can't by “regular” pants because they drag well below the heels of your shoes? Who needs 'em! Instead, check out these great tips for flattering a petite figure and make them work for you!

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Pay Attention to Proportions

Learning how to flatter a petite figure depends on proportions. Specifically, you need to make the most of yours. Your pants and shirt sleeves should never be too long, the shoulders in your tops and jacket shouldn't be too large, you don't want your hems to fall too low. All those things will throw off your natural proportions and you'll just look messy.


Tailored Clothing is Tops

For that reason, tailored clothing is ideal for flattering a petite figure. I'm not saying you have to go to a professional tailor or anything, although if you choose to, more power to you! You can make your clothes fit your body yourself, if you have some fundamental sewing abilities, or you may know someone who can help. Otherwise, just choose clothing that fits properly – not too loose and not too tight.


Set the Record Straight

Actually, you just need to make sure your pants are straight! If you're shorter, straight legged pants and jeans are your best bet. You don't have to throw away your skinny jeans necessarily, but avoid anything with an extreme taper. Similarly, flares and boot cuts can make your legs look much shorter. A straight cut doesn't hide your height, it just makes the most of all your inches.


Keep Your Shoes on Point

There are several rules where shoes are concerned, but don't worry, you absolutely do not need to wear five inch heels. Try to avoid anything with an ankle strap, or gladiator sandals, because they make your calves look shorter. Stay away from shoes with an extremely squared toe as well. Stick with current trends instead, and look for shoes with a pointier toe. It doesn't have to be sharp enough to stab anyone or anything, even a subtle point looks great!


Show Some Leg

Just because you're short doesn't mean you don't have fantastic legs! That's the first step in learning how to flatter a petite figure. Girls, show off those gams! If you can pull off a mini skirt, feel free. At the very least, make sure the hems of your skirt come above or just below the knee; longer skirts with hems that fall to your ankles or your calves can make your legs look stumpy.


Dress It up

Dresses are great as well. In fact, one of the best tips for flattering a petite figure falls in line with another current trend: shirt dresses! Neither too long nor too short, shirt dresses, sweater dresses, and even tank dresses tend to come pretty well tailored, they conform to your body shape, and they prove that “short” can be synonymous with “scrumptious,” “stylish,” and a whole lot of other alliterations!


Say Hi to High Waists

Finally, try to steer clear of really low rise jeans, pants, and skirts. They, too, can make your legs look a lot shorter than they are in reality. Instead, make the most of the high waisted look if you feel comfortable with it. It can elongate both your legs and your torso.

You can effortlessly figure out how to flatter a petite figure once you know what works best for shorter girls. Again, I'm definitely not saying you should hide or disguise the fact that you're short – you have absolutely no reason to be ashamed of your height. However, you can make the most of your stature with the right clothes, shoes, and accessories. Do you have any other tips for flattering a petite figure?

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