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Has harsh winter weather left you searching for ways to get a natural glow again? Dull skin, dehydration, a pasty complexion… the list of winter skin woes is a lengthy one. Over the years I've come to trust a routine that follows 7 steps in order to combat these pesky issues. Hopefully you'll come to love these 7 ways to get a natural glow just as much as I do!

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One of the easiest ways to get a natural glow almost instantly is by exfoliating. By gently exfoliating your face and body you're helping to speed up the natural turnover rate of your skin. For your face, choose a gentle exfoliate to use 2-3 times per week. For your body, use a scrub, loofah, or my personal favorite method – dry brushing - every other day. You'll be left with smooth, radiant skin.



Skin looks the best when it's plump and well hydrated. After you're through exfoliating, it's crucial to introduce moisture back into your skin by applying a humectant rich cream. Lightweight lotions will work fine for the day, but try to use a heavyweight cream at night. In the morning you'll wake up looking dewy and fresh, rather than dull and lifeless.



Not all fats are bad for you! Not only are Omega-3 fatty acids great for brain function, reducing inflammation, and maintaining a healthy heart, they also promote skin health. A diet rich in healthy fats like omega-3 helps to maintain skin elasticity, evens out skin texture, and aids in wound healing. Fish such as salmon and sardines have a high concentration of omega-3 fats. Not a fan of fish? Try flaxseed or a supplement instead!


Orange is Your New Favorite Color

Do you know someone who doesn't go out in the sun, but still manages to have that lit-from-within look about them? I’ll let you in on their secret: they probably have a diet high in beta-carotene and Vitamin C. Foods high in Vitamin C combat free radicals that are responsible for dull, aging skin. Beta-carotene is what is responsible for the orange tint in certain vegetables. When consumed in high quantities, beta-carotene can give the skin a naturally tan appearance. So go ahead a load up on carrots and yams for your next meal - your skin will thank you!


Stay Hydrated

Maintaining proper moisture levels in your skin doesn't stop with just slathering on a cream and calling it a day. For our skin to look its best, we also need to be moisturizing from the inside out. This requires proper hydration through drinking enough water throughout the day. Without adequate levels of hydration, no amount of moisturizing cream will be able to give you the natural glowing look you desire.


Cool off

Hot showers may feel great, by they do more harm than good. Hot water and steam actually help to dehydrate your skin, leaving your skin feeling tight and itchy. Try sticking to lukewarm showers instead. If you take baths, limit your soaking time to about 20 minutes.


Limit Alcohol and Caffeine

I know that this can be a hard one to follow, but it provides one of the most noticeable differences regarding your skin’s appearance. Alcohol and caffeine can both have a severe dehydrating effect on the skin. Alcohol also inhibits our liver from processing toxins effectively. If you must have a drink, try saving it for a special occasion and drink plenty of water to combat the dehydrating effects.

While these steps are best done all together, even picking just a few to follow will help you achieve naturally glowing skin. Which steps can you see yourself sticking with? Share your picks in the comments!

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very nice n practically logical tipd.

good article... i do most of the things here.... I just need to add oranges in my diet.

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