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Are you searching for ways to get a tan without tanning? There are ways that you can do that or at least make yourself look tanner than you actually are. No one wants to go through the summer without at least a little bit of a glow but who wants the risks that come along with tanning? Try these ways to get a tan without tanning to get your tan on this spring.

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Try Sunless Tanner

Sunless tanner is one of the best ways to get a tan without tanning. It gives your skin that beautiful glow you want without having to lay in the sun for hours or fry yourself in the tanning bed. There are so many different brands you can try. If you do not like the first one you try, keep testing them. There is a perfect brand for everyone.


Spray Tans Are an Option

Spray tans are an option for those that really are craving a tan but don’t want the unsafe risks associated with true tanning. It can give you the look you want. Spray tans do not take very long and the results are fairly long lasting. Spray tans are a great way to have a tan without actually tanning.


Enjoy the Outdoors Sensibly

You can still get a tan from being outdoors without actually tanning or laying in the sun for hours on end. Just enjoy the outdoors sensibly. This means that you enjoy being outside but be careful to use a good quality sunscreen. You should get a bit of a glow from regular outdoor activities to boost your tan factor. The important thing is to use sunscreen instead of tanning accelerator.


Wear White

This is a great way to fake a tan. White is going to make you look like you have a bit of a tan, even if you are very fair skinned. When it lies up against your skin, your tan or even your very little tan will show up better. This is a good little secret to have. I especially like to wear white shorts or a white skirt in the summer.


Become Friends with a Bronzer

It is good to become friends with a bronzer in the summertime. It will help you to fake a tan. Bronzers can be a bit intimidating but they can really up your glow factor. If you are afraid to experiment with it on your own, find a good guide online to walk you through. This is one of those less-is-more products.


Take Care of Your Skin

Taking care of your skin can actually help you to have a better tan without tanning. Your skin will accept self-tanner, spray tanning and even what bit of tanning you get from being outdoors naturally better when you take care of it. To shorten this lesson up, remember this; dry skin doesn’t tan well. Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin. Wearing lotion is key, too.


Step Your Foundation up One Shade

Usually, most of us will get at least a little bit of tan each spring and summer. When we do, it is important to adjust our foundation shade up one or two shades. If you continue to wear the same foundation in the summer that you do in the winter, you will more than likely looked washed out. Bumping your foundation up will match your face better and make you look like you have a tan. Don’t forget to bump your powder up, too.

These 7 steps can help you to have a tan without actually tanning. How do you get your tan on in the summer? What are your best tips to faking a tan?

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Tan towels are great and easy!

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