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7 Ways to Get Free Makeup by Beauty Blogging ...

By Stephanie

One of the greatest ways to get free makeup is by beauty blogging. I'm living proof! My blog began as a hobby and has turned into PR packages arriving at my door weekly! I worked hard to get here, but the rewards are definitely sweet. Do you have what it takes to be one of the lucky bloggers who receives free makeup from amazing brands? Here are 7 ways to get free makeup by beauty blogging!

1 Watch Other Bloggers

Study successful bloggers that talk about the kind of makeup you love. Look at their style and their most popular posts. You want your blog to be in your voice, but it helps to watch and learn from the pros! I'll bet if you asked them, they'd tell you that beauty blogging is one of the best ways to get free makeup.

2 Take Exceptional Photos

You don't have to be a pro to take great photos. If you have a semi-decent camera, a creative eye, and an improvisational spirit, you're on your way. There are lots of books and online tutorials to give you the basics and even advanced tips. Brands look hard at your photos before they decide whether you are a blogger worthy of some free PR swag!

3 Write Well

Expect brands to look at the content of your blog. Is your grammar and spelling fabulous? Is the content engaging and informative? Step one comes in handy here, though of course you need to develop your own writing style. Stuck? Ask someone who has a way with words to offer editing advice and feedback on a post before you release it.

4 Be Confident

Beauty blogging is one of the surefire ways to get free makeup, IF you sell yourself fearlessly. Create a brief, clear pitch highlighting exactly what makes your blog amazing, and BELIEVE it. If you don't come across like you believe in the value your reviews will bring, they're not going to believe it, either. Send practice pitches to friends you trust to give you great feedback and keep formulating until you've crafted the perfect letter. You are providing a service in exchange for these amazing products. Convince them that you'll deliver. Then, deliver like nobody's business!

5 Get Personal

Nobody is going to send you free makeup for sending them some copy and paste form letter. You should be writing to brands you have researched, brands you really believe in. Whenever possible, mention the recipient by name and get a banter going. Ask questions, tell them what you love about their brand and explain why you think working together would be beneficial for both of you. Sending the same, nameless letter to every brand will get you nowhere.

6 Get Social

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are important tools for bloggers. Follow brands you want to blog about. Tweet them (telling them how you love the lipstick you have from their line, for example) and like their photos. Creating a presence on their social media will mean you're not a stranger when you do reach out.

7 Build Your Traffic

You can build your blog traffic by commenting on other blogs, sending your link to everyone you know, and even using paid reach sites like StumbleUpon. The more engaged people are in your blog, the more confident brands will be about a review from you.

I adore beauty blogging. Do I do it just for free stuff? No way. I'd never devote so much time and effort to anything that didn't bring me great joy. That said, the free beauty booty is pretty awesome. Would YOU ever consider starting a beauty blog? I hope so!

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