9 Ways to Get Great Skin in 2 Weeks ...


9 Ways to Get Great Skin in 2 Weeks ...
9 Ways to Get Great Skin in 2 Weeks ...

Do you have a major event coming up, or just feel your skin could use a little TLC? Read these easy 9 tips to get great skin fast. Our skin’s best or worst friend can be our diet, skincare routine, exercise choices, and our sleeping schedule. Read on to find how to optimize each area of your life so you have beautiful skin in no time and get great skin pronto!

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Cut out Fast Food and Soda - No Exceptions

Fast food is full of unhealthy sources of processed fats, sugar, and excess sodium. All of these cause inflammation in the body and skin. Avoid most canned foods and processed snacks and cereals as well. Cutting out excess salt, sugar and unhealthy fat is the best way to get great skin quickly.


Fill Your Plate...

... with fish, lots of leafy greens and vegetables and low -sugar fruits like berries and apples. These foods have nourishing ingredients for the skin that won't cause breakouts. Also, low-glycemic starches such as sweet potatoes, carrots, and winter squash are excellent sources of beta-carotene, a form of vitamin a, which fights breakouts, wrinkles and gives skin a natural glow. A diet rich in these foods will naturally fight dehydration, wrinkles , redness and unevenness, and most importantly, acne. Leafy greens are another top source. Try kale with sweet potatoes and salmon or avocado for a truly beautifying meal.


Drink More Water - and Add a Squeeze of Lemon for a Bonus

Water is your skin’s best friend. Dehydration can cause dryness and sallow looking skin. Try to drink at least 6 glasses a day, and avoid too much caffeine from coffee. Add a squeeze of lemon and you'll get a hefty dose of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that is great for your skin. Antioxidants from sources like vitamin c keep free-radicals at bay. Free-radicals are harmful agents from our diet and atmosphere that can cause wrinkles, inflammation, dryness and acne. Lemons are one of the best lower sugar sources of vitamin C, and one little squeeze might mean you’ll drink all the water you should.


Limit Dairy Consumption...

... as much as possible to nonfat Greek yogurt, if any at all. Dairy tends to aggravate the skin but most people tolerate small amounts of low-sugar Greek yogurt just fine due to the probiotics which fight infection, and the high amounts of protein which help skin look firm, young, and strong.


Get Enough Fat from Healthy Sources

Fat-free diets cause the skin to lack in luster and glow. Eat 2 tbsp. worth (or at least 1 ounce) of a plant-based, raw fat sources at eat meal such as avocado, cold-pressed oils from flaxseed, olive oil, coconut oil, or hemp seed oil . Good snacks include raw almonds, raw sunflower seeds, and raw pumpkin seeds. Add chia, hemp and flaxseeds to your meals in smoothies, yogurt, or even salads.


Pump up the Protein

Eating at least 25 grams - 40 grams of protein at each meal from lean sources will keep your blood sugar even all day. Uneven blood sugar triggers stress and when insulin spikes, breakouts are most likely to happen.


Get Enough Sleep

Ideally, that amount should be 8-9 hours, but make it a minimum of 7-8. Make this priority for glowing skin and energy that lasts all day. This will also help you reach for healthy foods instead of reaching for sugar and starch for needed energy. Rest can give you great skin quickly and efficiently.


Do Yoga or Take a Walk Instead of an Intense Workout

These create an essential blood flow through the body and the lymph system, making your skin glow. These activities also relax you. Less stress always means better skin. High intense workouts can cause excess cortisol which is a hormone that can trigger stress.


Wash Your Makeup off Every Single Night...

... and use an SPF moisturizer morning and night. Use a natural sea soap bar if you suffer from irritation or acne. This will give the skin a gentle, cleansing wash instead of a harsh one that many commercial products have. To get great skin fast, you must properly care for your skin by treating it gently and consistently.

Implementing these simple choices from your diet, exercise, sleep and skincare routines will effectively change your skin without you having to dish out tons of dollars and energy on products that just cover up the real problem. The less stress your body and mind retain, the better your skin will look and the better you will feel. To get great skin fast, try these 9 tips and watch your skin glow! What skin issue do you suffer from most or what do you find works best to create great skin?

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Does lime also work instead of lemon?

I don't know if I have some mild form of lactose intolerance, but my skin seems to clear up significantly when I stay away from dairy products. I love your beauty tips!

Loved this!

@Toni, some nutrition theories state that lemon is preferable to lime (in drinking water) as it is more alkalizing to the body

so much knowledge was just poured in my brain. Hope it stays there ;) thanks soooo much for the great info!

Drinking water always helps clear up any breakouts for me

Why do you recommend using a sea soap bar? And which brands do you like?? Thanks!! Awesome article

@Toni both will work!

Love These tips!

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