7 Ways to Go from a Day to Night Look in 20 Minutes ...

Getting out the door for a night out is a hassle without a time crunch, but sometimes we’re forced to transform our day to night look in a matter of minutes. As a self-proclaimed expert in the art of rushing, I am happy to tell you that the transformation from Plain Jane to Dashing Dame can be done in less than 20 minutes. So when you’re late getting off of work, don’t worry. There’s no way you’ll be late for drinks with the girls with these seven ways to go from a day to night look in 20 minutes, flat.

1. Scratch That

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Since you’re not starting from scratch, I encourage you to work with what you’ve got in terms of your daytime makeup. If your foundation traveled to the four corners of the world over the course of the day, simply reapply your usual amount. Then highlight the contours of your face with your bronzer for more a nighttime look. If you have it, use a setting powder or spray to seal your look. If not, pack a compact in your purse for touch ups throughout the night. While reapplying your base is essential, there are many other things to consider when going from a day to night look quickly.

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