7 Ways to Go More Natural in the Hygiene Department ...

As a girl who’s always budget savvy, I’ve found that there are some pretty fabulous ways to go natural in the beauty department that won’t break the bank at the same time. I made the mistake several years ago of setting out to redo my hygiene routine and bought all the latest natural products on the market. My budget and I quickly realized that something just wasn’t cutting it! If you have to spend as much money or even half as much money on your hygiene products as your groceries, you’ve got a problem! Try these ways to go natural in the hygiene department and you’ll find that they aren’t only easy to maintain, but also help to make you more naturally beautiful. They’re also super cost-efficient and each container of these products lasts forever. Many also have multiple uses too, which I just love!

1. Coconut Oil

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Is there any better product than coconut oil to emphasize ways to go natural in the hygiene department? This miracle oil has literally handfuls of uses that you can use in your routine each day. I quit buying all lotions, unnecessary conditioners, and dry skin moisturizers once I found coconut oil. I buy an organic coconut oil that lasts about 6 months and I store it in my bathroom year round. I then use it to condition my hair before shampooing by letting it soak onto my hair while I wash my face and body. Then, I shampoo as normal. I also use coconut oil as a total body moisturizer and hand cream as well. It smells absolutely wonderful too, if you haven’t tried it yet! In winter, when my hands and face are dry from the weather, I also use coconut oil as the perfect dry skin moisturizer. Coconut oil can even be mixed in equal parts with baking soda to make a homemade deodorant. This oil is incredibly useful to add to your routine. I highly suggest purchasing some and seeing for yourself!

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