7 Ways to Look Younger Instantly ...


7 Ways to Look Younger Instantly ...
7 Ways to Look Younger Instantly ...

Look younger instantly may very well be what you wish when you’re in front of the mirror. There may be days when you feel you don’t want to look your age and need a way to look younger instantly. For any reason, there are a number of things you can do to reduce the appearance of age that may be healthier not just for your state of mind but your skin and body. Looking ‘old’ or having an aged look often comes from having a poor diet or lifestyle. Have a look at these 9 Ways to Look Younger Instantly which may help for general skincare and health.

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Use a Good Moisturizer

Dry skin can tighten and emphasize deep lines and flakes in the skin. Using a rich moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type (e.g. oily, dry, sensitive) can work wonders to make yourself look younger instantly. You can buy moisturizers nowadays that are infused with Q10 which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and adds elasticity back into the skin.


Be Smart with Your Eye Make-up

Try to avoid outlandish and unnatural colors of eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. Big and bold colors on any face that isn’t a teenager’s can make you look older and a bit tacky. Use natural soft colors for your eye shadow that aim to draw attention to your eyes, rather than the makeup. Use lighter tones, such as white or off-white shades for the outer eye shadow layer, and brown eyeliner rather than black.


Use Browner Lipsticks

Red, with a little bit of blue in it to make it less orange, or burgundy and brownish tones are more natural colors that will make your face look younger and fresher. Also, for fuller lips, extend your lip liner or lipstick slightly around your natural lip line. Be careful to not overdo it and «powder down» over it so it has a more natural looking line and you avoid looking like a clown!


Be Good to Your Hair

Find out the texture and state of your hair (dry, frizzy, colored/damaged, greasy, shiny etc) and buy a shampoo that balances out its natural state. Hair can be unmanageable, and rather than torturing it with hair straighteners/curlers and chemicals, use bio-oils and eco-products that volumizes lank hair.


Use Facial Scrubs

Facial scrubs, made out of grainy substances such as crushed apricot stones, sea-salt or sugar, exfoliate and buffer your skin to make it look younger and fresher. Gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells, but be sure to only use a scrub maximum once a week. Dissolvable granules such as sea-salt are less abrasive than apricot stones, so pick a scrub that matches your skin’s sensitivity.


Eat Well

Eating organically can often be a nuisance, and not everything you eat needs to be organic. However, foods that should be organic are fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs and meat. Changing your diet to reduce oily, sugary and fatty foods performs wonders for your skin because your body flourishes on proper nourishment and flounders on food that hinder your body’s self-generative systems. After eating well, your appearance will look younger and healthier within a few days.



I know it’s a slog, but it is unavoidable to admit that exercise does keep the body fitter and looking younger. A simple jog around the block can make you look younger instantly. Exercise raises serotonin levels, meaning it chemically makes your body and brain happier and feel fresher. Sweating opens up the pores and expels excess oils and salts though the skin which helps give it a radiant glow (after a nice shower!). Of course, it also helps you lose weight and tones the body to give you a lithe and supple shape usually associated with youth.


Give up the Cancer Sticks

If you smoke, find ways of giving up. If you don’t smoke, don’t try it. Also, avoid taking illegal drugs or taking excess amounts of legal drugs such as caffeine. Smoking undeniably makes anyone look older: it stains the fingernails and teeth, and having a mottled smile doesn’t do anyone any favors.


Smart Wear

Wear clothes, smartly. I don’t mean ‘smart’ as an adjective, I mean it as a verb. Be smart and wear clothes that accentuate your features: V-neck tops are a great way to go, as they accentuate cleavage and direct people’s eye upwards (or downwards). Scoop-necked or rounded tops can make the chest sag. Also, A-line knee-length skirts make you look younger by being both trendy but classy. You can find further clothes advice on the internet or fashion experts that make you look more youthful by dressing to your body shape.

These 9 ways to look younger instantly only brush the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of ways to look more youthful, which usually all boil down to being healthier. Eating vitamins that help boost your body’s immune system and give your skin a radiant glow will immediately make you look more youthful, and you won’t always have to rely on makeup for a shimmering look. Sensible makeup that doesn’t dry out your skin or settle in fine lines (such as powder foundation) and complement your natural skin color are also key ways of resisting looking aged. We’d love to hear your own tips, expert or home-made, on Ways to Look Younger Instantly!

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Another fix that has improved my skin tremendously, is taking supplements like Biotin, fish oil, and or Hair,Skin & Nails Formula (GNC). These particular supplements give your skin that luminous glow and also help thicken and lengthen hair and nails.

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