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7 Ways to Pamper Yourself for Women Who Never Have Time ...

By Lucy

If there's one thing we should be doing more it's pampering ourselves! We work so hard on a daily basis and achieve so much, so there's no reason why we shouldn't be rewarded for this through a bit of special pamper!

What's your favourite way to pamper and treat yourself?

1 Have a Massage

Can you think of anything better than having a relaxing massage as a way to pamper yourself? A good massage will relax your muscles and body, which is especially handy if you've been feeling stressed and tense lately! Let your body unwind and feel rejuvenated by the time you leave.

2 Have a Bubble Bath

Shut the chaotic world out for a while by having a long soak in a hot bubble bath, added with floral salts and gorgeous petals in the water. Why not grab a good book to keep you company or your headphones so you can enjoy listening to your favourite song while you're there?

3 Go to the Salon

The salon is a great place to go if you just feel like being looked after by someone else for a while and taken care of! Treat yourself by getting your hair or nails done, or even a relaxing foot massage that will you leave you feeling fresh and in a much better mood!

4 Have a Shopping Splurge

Haven't brought yourself anything for a while? Well, it's time to treat yourself and buy something nice! Now you have a good reason to buy that dress or coat you've been eyeing up in the shop window for the last couple of weeks. Tell yourself that you've already made up the cost by working so hard recently!

5 Eat Something Yummy

Even the most healthy people around deserve to have a break and eat something yummy every now and again (I think they call that 'cheat day'). Why not stop over and buy yourself a yummy snack on your way home or even bake a fresh batch of something delicious if you have the time!

6 Have a Sleep in

Sometimes it's nice to do things a little bit different, and this one is for all the early risers reading this! Switch your alarm clock off on a chosen day and let yourself sleep in, catching up on any extra sleep you needed. If there's one thing a girl can't miss out on it's her beauty sleep!

7 Buy Yourself a Present

We buy other people presents all the time, so why don't we spoil ourselves more by buying one for ourselves? We deserve something nice, too! If there's anything you've wanted lately in the present department, tell yourself to buy it as a special treat for being such an amazing person every single day!

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