7 Ways to Plump up Thin Lips ...


7 Ways to Plump up Thin Lips ...
7 Ways to Plump up Thin Lips ...

Are you looking for some ways to plump up thin lips? Sadly, not all of us were blessed with full lips, so we need to try clever tricks to make them look fuller. Fortunately, there are a number of methods for making thin lips appear more ample. It's wise to avoid fillers and other invasive treatments, even if you can afford it. This kind of method can go horribly wrong, and also needs repeating. So here are some ways to plump up thin lips that are quick, simple and harmless …

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Lip Plumper

One of the easiest ways to plump up thin lips is to use one of the products designed for that very purpose. There are lots of different brands available, to suit all budgets. Try a few brands and see what works for you. Lip plumpers work by irritating the skin and making it swell up, so are best avoided if they make your lips sting too much.



Have you ever noticed how some women draw well outside their lip line, which just looks ridiculous? Well, you can use the same trick to make your lips look fuller, but need to be more subtle. Using your lip pencil, draw just outside your natural lip line. This will give you that little bit extra fullness without looking like a clown's makeup.



Using lip balm or gloss that contains menthol can help your lips become fuller. Obviously this only has a temporary effect, but is much less drastic than more permanent methods like lip fillers! You could also try mixing a tiny amount of cinnamon oil with balm or gloss. Be very careful not to get the neat oil on your skin, as it is highly concentrated and can burn your skin.



Your skin needs to be moisturised in order to plump it up, and your lips are no exception. Just look at the difference when your hands are dry, and when you've just applied hand cream. Moisturised skin looks so much better! So don't neglect your lips - use a plain lotion to keep them in great condition and help them look fuller.



Your lips should be included in your exfoliation routine, but don't use your normal scrub on them. This will probably be too harsh. There's a much simpler and kinder way to get rid of the dead skin - gently rub them with a soft toothbrush. Then use moisturiser. This will help them look plumper.


Makeup Tricks

Use a lighter concealer around your lips (be sure to blend in carefully!) before you apply your lipstick. Another trick you can try is to apply your lip gloss in the centre of your mouth, rather than all over. This is where your lips are fullest, so applying the gloss only in this area gives the impression that they are full all over.


Color Choice

If you have thinner lips, choose your lipstick carefully. Lighter shades will be more flattering for you, as darker colors usually make lips appear thinner. The texture of lipsticks is also important. Instead of matte formulas, opt for glossy, moisturising lipsticks. There are lots of these available, and they will make your lips appear fuller.

Every woman wants full lips, as they are considered desirable and attractive. If nature hasn't blessed you with naturally full lips, try out these tips and see what works for you. Aim to make your lips look just that little bit fuller. A small improvement is much nicer than the fish-like look that cosmetic enhancements bring! Have you found any amazing products or tips that give you lovely full lips?

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Number 4 is what I do:)

Oops meant good!

I'm blessed , but still like the lips (:

I have to try cinnamon oil....thanks

When I use glossy lipsticks on my lips they look smaller

Goo tips

Exfoliating and moisturizing does wonders for my lips

The concealer tip does work! I also found a plumping tool that helps called Fullips. Found on Amazon.

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