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Prepare your body for summer by starting early. Avoid a mad panic just before summer hits by slowly easing into a summer body preparation routine. Shed the winter blues by getting outdoors and moving more, and look after your body adjusting your skincare regime. It’s all about creating healthy habits and, come summer, your body will love you for it! Prep your body for summer with the following tips.

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Get Moving

Regular exercise is an important step in preparing your body for summer as it will help you lose any extra kilos gained over winter. Exercise is also one of the most effective mood lifters and will help you shrug off the winter blues. Longer daylight hours and warmer weather also make it much more enjoyable to be outside and active! The goal should not only be on weight loss, but on toning your body as well.


Eat Fresh

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more I enjoy in winter than a hearty dose of comfort food. And by comfort food, I mean carbs! However, this isn’t always so good for my waistline. When it comes to summer body preparation, nothing gets me more excited than fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Incorporating these into your diet will have you looking and feeling much better about yourself come summer!



Moisturise from the inside and out. This means keeping up your fluid intake (but limit anything too sugary or caffeinated) and tending to any dry, cracked winter skin. Staying hydrated will help flush out toxins and help clear your skin.



Address any dryness or tough skin by exfoliating once a fortnight. The most common areas for dryness are elbows and knees. Take to your trouble spots with a loofah or body scrub in the shower and follow up with rich moisturising lotion.


Book a Pedicure

Summer means sandals and plenty of other open toed footwear. Make your feet presentable by booking in for a pedicure. Once the professionals have sorted you out, it’s all a matter of maintenance!


Tackle Body Hair

Summer’s about showing skin, so it’s time to sort out your body hair. Legs and bikini lines are the most common targets, but why not try an eyebrow shaping as well? Also, if you’re after something more permanent, there’s always the option of laser hair removal. It’s best to undertake this quite some time before summer as multiple sessions are usually required and you need to leave a few weeks before exposing skin to the sun as it can be quite sensitive after treatment.


Fake a Tan

If you can’t get by without a tan in summer then look to a bottle, not the sun for a summer glow. We all know about the dangers of excessive sun exposure, and it’s important to look after the skin we’re in. Also take preventative measures by applying sunscreen and covering up in the sun.

These are just a few handy ways to prepare your body for summer. While looking great is always a key goal, take a holistic approach and focus on feeling great on the inside as well. What are your best tips to prep your body for summer?

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