7 Ways to Prevent and Treat Puffy Eyes ...


7 Ways to Prevent and Treat Puffy Eyes ...
7 Ways to Prevent and Treat Puffy Eyes ...

I have been in search of the best way to treat puffy eyes and have some secrets to share. No one loves the look of puffy eyes! They can ruin the best eye makeup application in the whole world, and where’s the fun in that? Learn to treat puffy eyes so this is never a problem for you again.

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Get Enough Sleep

Ladies, you cannot possibly expect to burn the midnight oil without it showing on your face the next morning. I have learned the hard way that I must go to bed at a decent hour. Allowing myself adequate rest goes a long way in preventing puffy eyes. And after all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It is much better to prevent puffy eyes than have to treat puffy eyes.


Chill out

When puffy eyes do happen to you, remember the word "chill." Here is a little secret for you. It was never the cucumbers that helped puffy eyes. It was the cold factor. You can use cucumbers, but also a chilled whole lemon on each eye or spoons that have been refrigerated for a short amount of time to take the puffiness down.


Put the Salt Shaker Away

I love the taste of salt. I have a love affair with the flavor of salt. But salt is not my friend and I can bet it isn’t yours either. Salt makes you retain fluids in several different places and one of the worst is around your eyes. Instead of using salt to flavor your food, try experimenting with different spices to liven up your dishes.


Resist Crying

I will freely admit that I am a crier. But crying is bad, bad, bad for causing puffy eyes. As much as you can, try not cry over things if you can help it. If you do, you will certainly end up with big puffy eyes the next day. Sometimes, placing a cold cloth on the back of your neck when you are crying over something will help you feel calmer and stop crying. It sounds crazy, but it really works.


Tea Bags

Here's another little secret I found out. Tea bags work because they have caffeine in them. If you use decaffeinated tea bags, they are not going to give you the same results. The caffeine in the tea bags helps reduce swelling. This is why you will find caffeine is a popular ingredient in many eye products.


Treat Those Allergies

If you have allergies, they are not going to do your eyes any favors. In addition to causing puffy eyes, they can also give you those unattractive dark circles we hate so fervently. Untreated allergies can cause many health problems in addition to these, which is why it is important to treat them properly. Consult your doctor to see what medications they recommend for you to take to help with your allergies. Much of your problem with puffy eyes will vanish when you get your allergies under control.


Choose Eye Gel

When you are shopping for an eye product, opt for an eye gel over an eye cream. Eye gels are more geared toward dealing with puffy eyes whereas eye creams are more for dealing with the effects of aging. Eye gel also feels very soothing on your eyes when they are puffy. You can even up their ability to help when you store them in the refrigerator so you are combining the helpful effects of an eye gel with coolness. Once you try an eye gel for puffy eyes, you won’t go back to your eye creams.

Now, I have shared some of my beauty secrets. What are some of your secret ways to get puffy eyes under control? I can’t wait to hear them!

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I have bags hope this top work

What brands of eye gels are good

Useful info thnx I hv puffy eyes n very bad undereye bags which make me look older than I actually am. Will follow these tips n see the results.

Za Please let us know - I have that to but only sometimes... That's when I've been really tired - reminds me of my father..... God Love Him!!!!

I take alfalfa which helps with puffiness all over the body and fluid retention. If I skip my whole face and bod puffs up (including under eyes). And whole it is so true that crying is terrible for the eye bags... For some reason I always feel like ladies look prettier after a good cry

CoOl! Love it ;)

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