Ways to Remove Hair from Your Upper Lip ...

By Carly

Ways to Remove Hair from Your Upper Lip ...

You know what the worst part about being a human is? The fact that we are still animals. And you know what the worst part of being an animal is? The fact that we are prone to growing hair in places we don’t necessarily want it! For women, one such place is the upper lip. It’s a fact that many of us suffer from a touch more hair above our lips than we would ideally like, but don’t worry, there are definitely ways to address the problem! Here are some ways to remove hair from your upper lip.

Table of contents:

  1. waxing
  2. threading
  3. laser
  4. plucking

1 Waxing

This is always best done by a professional, but it is an option that arguably produces the best temporary results. With each waxing session, the treatment will result in the hair growing back more sparsely than before, not to mention finer. Make sure to make use of the cooling gel that is provided after that strip is pulled off though!

2 Threading

You’ve probably heard of threaded eyebrows, but the same process can be done for your upper lip too! You can expect to be hair free for up to a month thanks to threading, because that hair is pulled directly from the root. Continuing with your normal exfoliation regime after threading helps to keep any bumps or ingrown hairs away.

3 Laser

Laser is certainly the fanciest and most expensive treatment for upper lip hair, but you definitely get what you pay for! It works by targeting the follicles, heating them up and destroying them, therefore leaving no root for any further hair to grow at all. The regularity with which you have to go depends on your hair colour and type, and it must be said that laser works more effectively for people with paler skin tones.

4 Plucking

If your upper lip issues are restricted to just a few aggressive growers than an overall downy covering of hair, then you might be better off just plucking those offending suckers right out with a pair of tweezers! It’s the cheapest form of hair removal mentioned, and it certainly does the job for those hairs that are extra prominent. Because you are pulling them out at the root, they will also take a little while longer to grow back again.

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