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9 Fab Ways to Slow down Aging ...

By Larisa

Are you looking for ways to slow down the aging process? Getting older is inevitable it happens to all of us. So what do you do to try and save your mind and body? There are loads of things to choose from. Here are just some of the best ways to slow down the aging process.

1 Don’t Stress out Too Much

Try to keep your stress level low as high stress can lead to obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, depression, stomach problems and asthma. Finding good stress relieving techniques is one of the best ways to slow down the aging process.

2 Leave Ladders Alone

Do not climb on any ladders because a fall could cause head injuries or in the worst scenario, death. In the past decade, 43% of fatal falls have involved ladders. Let the young ones clean your gutters and put up the Christmas lights.

3 Take Your Multivitamin and Also Include Extra Vitamin D and B12

This will help your mood and keep your blood cells happy and creating more little friends.

4 Have a Glass of Red Wine Every Day

They say red wine is the best because it's packed with antioxidants that help fight free radical damage that contributes to aging.

5 Eat Dark Chocolate

The benefits of the antioxidants will keep your skin looking good and it’s also good for your heart health.

6 Exercise

Everyone knows this one.

7 Meditate

Even if it’s just for a minute a day. A little meditation is better than none. If you do more than that, that's amazing so keep it up!

8 Stay Limber

As we age our muscles lose their dexterity and we start to lose that beautiful tone we worked so hard to get. The joints start breaking down as well, which can cause inflammation (which is painful,) and deformity (which also sucks.) It’s inevitable, you cannot stop this process but you may be able to slow it down.

9 Last but Not Least....

Love. Yourself and everyone else.

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