7 Ways to Solve Winter Beauty Woes ...


7 Ways to Solve Winter Beauty Woes ...
7 Ways to Solve Winter Beauty Woes ...

Are you searching for ways to solve winter beauty woes? There’s no doubt about it; winter can absolutely wreak havoc on your hair, skin and lips. When this happens, it’s very frustrating. But that doesn’t have to be an issue with these helpful ways to solve winter beauty woes.

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Use Lotion

One of the easiest ways to solve winter beauty woes is to use lotion on a daily basis. It’s best to use it after you shower and have towel-dried off. Your skin is more receptive to lotion after a shower. If you have specific winter beauty woes, such as dry skin on your face, then use a facial moisturizer. If you suffer from chapped hands, be sure to put on hand lotion.


Drink Water

Drinking water can help with several winter beauty woes. Since water is the key to adequate hydration, it makes sense that your skin and lips will be dry if you aren’t drinking enough. Dry winter air complicates the problem. Make it a goal to drink enough water each day to stay well hydrated. For most people this is at least 64 ounces.


Eliminate Static

Static is a problem that can cause issues in your hair during the winter. You can spray a bit of static guard on your hairbrush before styling to help with the static in your hair. Static in your hair can actually get worse the more you touch it. Try to deal with your hair only as you need to and then leave it to calm down. A secret little trick you can use is to rub your hands over an unused fabric softener sheet and then pat your unruly hair to tame the static.


Use Lip Balm

Dry, cracked lips aren’t pretty and they don’t feel good, either. Using a lip balm can help them to stay soft and smooth. It’s a good idea to keep a lip balm close by so you’ll be more likely to use it regularly. Your desk, car and purse are all good places to stash a lip balm. Even wearing lipstick or lip gloss can help prevent your lips from drying and cracking.


Use a Deep Conditioner

Your hair doesn’t escape winter’s harsh weather. Many women find that their hair is drier in the winter than in the warmer weather months. One thing you can do is use a deep conditioner once a week to help keep your hair at its best. A deep conditioner is a special product that’s meant to help repair damage and dryness. Use a regular, daily conditioner for in-between deep conditioning treatments.


Use a Moisturizing Body Wash

Some body washes are actually drying to your skin. That’s something you don’t need. Be sure to choose a moisturizing formula if you use body wash. I’ve been using Dove Winter Care body wash and I really like it. My skin feels soft and smooth and the body wash has a nice scent.


Dial Back the Hot Water

Oh, this one’s hard to do, isn’t it? A hot shower feels so lovely on a cool winter morning. But hot water isn’t good for your skin or your hair when it’s already faced with drying conditions. You don’t have to take a cool shower but try to make it warm instead of hot. It may not be quite as pleasant as a hot shower but having smooth skin and soft hair will make it worth it. It may take a few days but you’ll eventually adjust to the change.

What winter beauty woes are the biggest issues for you? What are the best solutions you’ve found? Share your tips here!

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Ugh, mine is the static in my hair. I have bottles of Static Guard and use it faithfully when I do my hair. I even carry the travel size one in my makeup bag.

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