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9 Ways to Still Look Good when You're Sick ...

By Lauren

The last thing you want when you’re not feeling on top of your game is a full-on beauty routine, but there are some simple ways to look good when you’re sick. Minimal effort, maximum return is definitely the name of the game during these times. You’ll wish you’d known these ways to look good when you’re sick before now!

1 Hydration

One of the simplest but ways to look good when you're sick is to keep well hydrated. This not only applies to your insides – fluids will help you fight the inflammation – but also to your face. Just because you are feeling sick, there’s no reason to forego your facial cleansing and moisturizing. Facial moisturizer will automatically give your skin a lift and will also help protect against the friction from all those tissues you’ll be using. Which brings us to …

2 The Right Tissues

When you come down with the sniffles you'll have to blow your nose a lot, and if you aren't using a decent facial tissue, you will end up having a red, irritated nose. Make sure you choose nice soft tissues or even better, there are lotion- or balsam-impregnated ones – the extra cost will be worth it.

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3 Puffy or Red Eyes

Your eyes will always spill the beans and tell others that you're sick. To avoid puffy eyes resulting from congestion, consider sleeping with your head a bit more elevated than your usual position, as this will help fluids drain from your face. You can get rid of under eye bags using teabags. All you need is a couple of cold, wet teabags that you have to place over your eyes for 15-18 minutes. If your eyes aren’t puffy, they might be red. One of the best ways to look good when you're sick is to use eye drops to soothe your eyes and to keep them bright and lubricated. Go for some good eye drops to avoid that bloodshot look.

4 Makeup or Not Makeup

Many will say being sick is a good excuse to give your face a rest from makeup. Others say if looking better helps you feel better, then go for it. There’s no right or wrong – merely a personal preference. If you are going to wear makeup don’t just follow your usual regimen. There follows some changeups that will maximize the effects of your makeup when you’re sick.

5 Primer

One of the most effective ways to look good when you're sick is to use face primer before you apply any makeup at all. It provides a good base to work on, especially when that base is not at its best. You may also consider using eye primers and lip primers to improve your look.

6 Concealer

If you already have gone past the initial stage without using the best facial tissue and now have a red nose that tells your story to others, you may need to use a concealer to play the redness down before you start with your makeup.

7 Light Touch

As you may already be dehydrated, too much foundation and powder will give that 'cakey' look you don't want. You'll be better off trying some natural-looking coverage to keep your skin from looking dry. You’re trying to look better and you won’t do that by straying too far from your usual routine. You also don’t want to spend time fiddling about with different looks when you’re ill. Stick to what you know.

8 Warm up Your Skin

It’s quite normal to look pasty when you're sick, so it helps to add warm tones to your skin. Use a bronzer, or a little more blush than usual to add the right dash of healthy color to your cheeks.

9 Lips

Looking after your lips is another of the essentials when you’re sick - you don’t want super-chapped lips. Make sure to rub your lips first using a wet washcloth, as this will help get rid of flakes and then apply a good lip balm.

Being sick can get you down but sometimes you just have to make the effort to face the world. These ways to look good when you’re sick are worth the effort because when you look better, you’ll feel better. Do you give in to sickness or do you still follow your full beauty routine?

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