7 Ways to Take Care of Acrylic Nails ...

If you think taking care of acrylic nails is hard, this post by Anila is for you. Thanks Anila!

Acrylic nails are the most beautiful artificial nails that were ever invented and have been in vogue since 1970 when they were first made. They can be a lifesaver for all those people who need long nails instantly. The amazing designs that acrylic nails come in will make everyone want to flaunt them. The only problem with them is that maintaining them for a long time at home can be a very difficult task. Here are some tips for acrylic nail care at home.

1. Do Not Apply Pressure

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Handle the acrylic nails very delicately and do not apply pressure on them as they tend to break off easily especially when you have long nail extensions.

2. Apply Cuticle Oil

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Apply cuticle oil every night before you sleep and generally after you wash your hands to keep them soft and moist.

3. File Nails when They Grow

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When it looks like your nails are growing, file them gently as very long acrylic nails tend to become very brittle.

4. Wear Gloves when Exposing to Chemicals

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When you are exposing your hands to harsh chemicals like detergents or any other substances, wear gloves so the harm caused to the acrylic nails due to these chemicals can be prevented.

5. Treat Lifts Properly

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Whenever there is a lift, go back to the place where you got them done and get them closed immediately as the air gaps between the lifts can form ground for fungal and bacterial growth leading to infections.

6. Do Not Apply Glue

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When there is a lift, do not apply glue as that will only increase the chance for infection as the moisture present in the glue can attract fungus and bacteria.

7. Touch Them up Once Every 2 Weeks

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If you are planning on keeping the acrylic nails for a long time, get them touched up once in 2 weeks as the gap between the nail and the acrylic nail can get bigger and the nails start wearing off with time.

Following these tips will ensure the safety of your acrylic nails. Also, remember to let your nails breathe once in at least 3-4 weeks by removing the acrylic nails. Do you have any tips you'd like to share? I'd love to hear!

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