9 Ways to Wake up Beautiful Every Morning ...


9 Ways to Wake up Beautiful Every Morning ...
9 Ways to Wake up Beautiful Every Morning ...

How to be Beautiful in the morning doesn't take a lot of know-how. It's a trick of the trade ladies and below, I've got all the details on how to be beautiful right when you wake up! The morning is totally not my thing, however, I do have to work every morning, so by 5:00am, I am up and in the shower. After 5 years of waking up early, I think I've mastered how to be beautiful first thing in the morning!

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Avoid Coffee/Chocolate before Bed

One of the first tips on how to be beautiful is avoid coffee and chocolate just before bed. The reasoning is because of the caffeine and the sugar. Once you start avoiding these, you'll see a huge difference in how you sleep!


Meditate before Bed

I actually take a bath before bed every single night and I swear that it makes all of the difference. I actually use my bath time to meditate and I sleep better for it. If you have time right before bed to meditate, do it! It's a surefire way on how to be beautiful in the morning!


Keep a Window Open

The deeper that you sleep, the better sleep that you're going to be getting. Find it stifling in your apartment come morning? Why not sleep with the window cracked a little? It'll make a huge difference, ladies, and you'll wake up feeling refreshed!


Don’t Sleep on Your Face

Sounds weird right? Well, think about it, if you do sleep on your face, you won't end up with a lot of movements throughout the night. If you sleep in just one position, you're going to wake up with those awful sleep marks embedded in your face -- wrinkles caused by your pillowcase that won't go away for the longest time.


Prop Your Head up

If you want to know how to be beautiful in the morning, this is the tip to pay attention to! Make sure that you prop your head up a bit. That way, no matter what happens, your head will be propped and in the morning, you'll see how it affected you!

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Avoid Red Wine before Bed

One of the #1 things on all of the lists that I read, was to avoid red wine before bed. My theory is that it is a little heavy and since you've already eaten, the combination of the food and the wine can be really heavy. So if you're looking for one of the few how to be beautiful tips out there, this is one of them!


Deep Condition Your Hair

Know how you never have time to deep condition your hair? Well, while you are sleeping, it is actually the best time to do it! Just throw in some leave in conditioner and head to bed. I promise, it'll make all the difference.


Sleep on Silk

I have actually slept on silk before. While it isn't for me, my mom loves it. If you're looking for a surefire way not to smudge your make up, silk or satin sheets are the way to go!


Wash Your Sheets

I love, love, love fresh and clean sheets. Honestly, they are my favorite things in the world to sleep in. Washing your sheets just once a week will make you sleep better, which in turn will eliminate everything from dark circles to fatigue that you might feel.

Learning the ins and outs of how to be beautiful in the morning isn't hard, you just have to know what tips to follow. These are my tips and tricks on how to be beautiful in the morning. What about you ladies -- how do you get through the mornings? Come on, share! Let us know your advice on how to be beautiful when you wake up!

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As for what you said about sleeping on silk, no one should ever be falling asleep with their makeup on. That's a surefire way to cause more damage to your skin and to make it more difficult to wake up beautiful in the following days.

Thanks so much ! I was always waking up with marks all over!

Sleeping with a pillow or two (for the "Have your head propped up" tip which wasn't very clearly explained) helps block water retention from reaching your face-- I found this out and haven't woken up with puffy eyes since! :)

Sleeping with your makeup on?? Why would you want to do that to your skin?? Bring on the damaged skin and wrinkles :(

Don't forget: DON'T SLEEP IN YOUR MAKE-UP!!!!

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