9 Ways to Wear 2015 Color of the Year Marsala ...

If you've been trying to find the right ways to wear 2015 color of the year, marsala, look no further. The deep, earthy, red wine color is already taking the fashion and beauty industry by storm. Since the color looks great on everyone, finding ways to wear 2015 color of the year is a simple way to be trendy without spending much or going through a lot of trouble. Basically, be creative with marsala and the possibilities are endless.

1. Lipstick

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One of the absolute easiest ways to wear 2015 color of the year is lipstick. Keep in mind, you're not limited to one single shade. Many major makeup brands already have marsala lines out. Whether you want a lighter or darker shade, you'll easily be able to find it. If it's not labeled as marsala, simply look for a deep burgundy with hints of pink. Trust me, no one will know the difference.

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