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If you've been trying to find the right ways to wear 2015 color of the year, marsala, look no further. The deep, earthy, red wine color is already taking the fashion and beauty industry by storm. Since the color looks great on everyone, finding ways to wear 2015 color of the year is a simple way to be trendy without spending much or going through a lot of trouble. Basically, be creative with marsala and the possibilities are endless.

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Lipstick One of the absolute easiest ways to wear 2015 color of the year is lipstick. Keep in mind, you're not limited to one single shade. Many major makeup brands already have marsala lines out. Whether you want a lighter or darker shade, you'll easily be able to find it. If it's not labeled as marsala, simply look for a deep burgundy with hints of pink. Trust me, no one will know the difference.



Shoes Personally, I'm already in love with a pair of marsala colored boots I found. A cute boot or sandal paired with jeans is a beautifully stylish way to sport the color of the year. If you don't want to buy more shoes, though I can't imagine who wouldn't, replace your sneaker laces with marsala colored ones. It's a quick way to make your shoes more fashionable while only spending a few dollars.


Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories Why not liven up your hair by adding some colorful elements? Forget about your usual white, black, gold or silver hair accessories and opt for marsala instead. My favorites are headbands and silver barrettes with a sparkling marsala ribbon through them. I've even seen a few women with marsala scarves tied in their hair. None of these options cost much and they're easy to pair with numerous outfits.


Jeans or Leggings

Jeans or Leggings If you're really ready to rock marsala, wear solid colored jeans or leggings. You could also opt for pants with a marsala colored print. In most cases, a solid top in white or black matches best. Of course, a cute marsala skirt is always a great choice for dressier occasions. The dark color is slimming and works year round. The slimming part alone makes me want to grab a few pairs of marsala jeans.


Nail Polish

Nail Polish I could go on for hours about all the different ways you could add marsala to your nails. Obviously, the simplest way is to just pick your favorite shade of marsala and paint the whole nail. You could use it as the base to a French manicure. Of course, there's always stripes, dots, glitter top coats and much more. This is probably the second most common way to wear the color and for good reason.



Jewelry When it comes to jewelry, you might find it a little difficult at first to find marsala beads or jewels. However, it's not impossible. Jewelry is a simple way to wear the color without overdoing it. Add a hint of color with earrings or a necklace. If you're the crafty type, visit your local craft store and make your own unique jewelry with marsala colored beads.


Cute Tops

Cute Tops Any marsala top, either solid or printed, looks great with jeans. You don't have to stick with just simple tees either. Sweaters, blouses, tanks and more all feature 2015's color. You'll probably see quite a few different styles of tops on the runway this year displaying a variety of ways to wear marsala. My favorite at the moment is a slim fit silk blouse with jeweled buttons.


Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow You didn't really think I'd skip eye shadow, did you? The beautiful, rich color is perfect for creating a smokey eye look. A shimmer version is ideal for adding some sparkle to your eyes. Many beauty lines already have marsala shadow palettes available. I highly recommend using a palette as it gives you multiple shades to work with to create different looks.



Hair Your local stylist is probably already well aware of the coming marsala trend. From highlights to a full color, it's easy to incorporate it into your hair. Some women are already trying the ombre look with it. I personally prefer the highlights, especially since I have dark hair and it blends in well. Try a temporary color to begin with to make sure you like it before committing to a semi or permanent color.

There's really no wrong way to wear the color of the year. It's an easy trend to master and you'll be stylish all year. Whether you change your clothes, hair or makeup, you have numerous options to choose from. How will you wear marsala this year?

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