7 Ways You Can Improve Shaving Your Legs ...

Shaving your legs is just a way of life. But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with razor bumps, ingrown hairs, irritation or any of the other unfortunate side effects that getting rid of leg hair can leave behind. You can’t skip the leg shaving, but you can make it better for you. There are several things you can do to make the entire process faster and less painful when it’s all over. Check out these easy ways to improve your leg shaving routine and you’ll never dread it as much ever again.

1. Don’t Dry Shave

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I know that sometimes you’re in a hurry and need to get shaved fast. But, never, ever do it without water. A dry shave might be fast, but it’s not going to feel good later. Even if you’re running a little bit behind, make sure you wet your legs before you wield the razor. You’ll be so happy that you did when you’re at your big event and you aren’t itchy and suffering.

2. Soak Your Legs

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Here’s another handy tip that the pros want you to know. The longer your legs have been wet, the softer the hair is going to be. That means a much more comfortable shave and less of a chance that you’ll be left with stragglers or itching. Shaving your legs at the end of your shower is your best bet for this reason. Make this an excuse to spend some extra time relaxing under the warm water.

3. Use the Right Razor

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I know that saving money is likely one of your priorities. It’s definitely one of mine. But, resist the urge to grab the cheapest razors at the drugstore. You want one that has at least two blades and a comfort strip. That is going to go a long way toward making sure you get all the hairs on your legs shaved off and that you are comfy while it’s happening. You might have to shell out a bit more, but I promise that it will be totally worth it.

4. Use a Shaving Product

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You are going to get a much smoother and more effective shave when you use a shaving cream or gel. Rub the product all over your legs so that the razor has a good way to slide over your hairs, cutting them off at the root. If you don’t have shaving cream or gel, use conditioner, olive oil or even lotion instead. All of these will work just as well.

5. Exfoliate Regularly

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You don’t have to exfoliate before every shave, but if you do so once a week or so, you slough off dead skin cells and give your razor a cleaner palette for getting all that hair off your legs. Use a gently product and lightly rub it over your entire legs, then rinse excess product off with warm water. Now you’re ready for the best shave of your life.

6. Take Things Slow

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Rushing through your shaving job is only going to set you up for nicks and cuts. If you’ve ever felt the agony of a fresh cut slapped with hot shower water, you know what I’m talking about here. Instead of hurrying through the job, take your time. It doesn’t have to take forever, but spending a few minutes more than you usually do will pay off well in the end.

7. Moisturize

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Even the best shave in the world won’t stay the best if you skip the lotion afterward. I don’t know about you, but not putting on lotion after shaving makes me really itchy. As soon as you towel off, apply a thick body cream to your legs to seal in the moisture and keep irritation and discomfort at bay. Easy, right?

What’s your best leg shaving tip? Did you learn anything new here?

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