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Wear Contacts? Here's How to Keep Your Eyes Sparkling and Healthy ...

By Eliza

I go back and forth between contacts and glasses. What about you? Contacts are wonderful because you can let your beautiful face shine through. Plus, they make it easier to slide on your favorite sunglasses when you go out and about. While contacts are loved by women all over the world, they require proper care to ensure that your eyes stay healthy and lovely for the rest of your life. Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your peepers in top condition.

1 Suds up Your Hands

Why, you ask? Because the single best way to get an infection in your eyes is to handle your contact lenses with dirty hands. Never, ever attempt to put in your Acuvues until you’ve washed your hands with soap and water. While you’re at it, use a lint-free towel to dry them because you won’t have to worry about pieces of fuzz getting in your eyes. That stings, let me tell you!

2 Keep Them out of Your Mouth

Maybe you’ve wet your contact lenses with your tongue in the past because you don’t have any eye drops. Stop! Your mouth is surprisingly dirty and can harbor germs and bacteria that could lead to nasty eye issues. Make it a habit to toss a trial size bottle of Visine in your bag anytime you head out. That way you’ll never have to stick your contact lenses in your mouth ever again.

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3 Turn off the Tap

You never want to use tap water to store or cleanse your lenses. Much like licking them, using tap water can introduce substances that may not be healthy in your eyes. Instead, make sure you grab your bottle of Sensitive Eyes Saline Solution and use it to soak or rinse your lenses. You’ll be so much happier with the way they feel if you follow this simple step.

4 Go Shopping

Yes, you read that right! Eye care experts encourage you to get a new contact lens case every few months. That gives you a great reason to go shopping! I just bought the cutest owl lens case. There are so many inexpensive and adorable contact cases at drugstores. You can indulge your love of color and shopping at the same time. The doctor says so!

5 Stub out the Cigarette

Besides raising your risk of cancer, cigarettes can really harm the health of your eyes. Opthamologists always recommend that their contact lens wearing patients stop smoking. In studies, people who puffed regularly had more problems with their contacts than non-smokers. This is just one more reason for you to finally give up the Marlboros once and for all!

6 Fingertips Only, Please

You should only use your fingertips when you insert and remove your contact lenses. In general, this part of your finger is gentler on your eyes than other parts. Plus, it just makes it easier to get them in and out. Some eye doctors also recommend trimming your nails and keeping them fairly short, which helps eliminate the risk of torn contacts or scratched retinas.

7 Get to the Doctor, Stat

Don’t take your eye health for granted. Make sure you are seeing your eye doctor at least once a year. More if you have issues that need extra care. Your opthamologist can detect potential problems and update your prescription. He can also give you tips and tricks for making the most out of your contacts.

Do you wear contacts? Are you using these vital tips to make your eyes stay shiny and bright? Any others to add?

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