What do Others Notice about Your Appearance?

Your appearance says a lot about you, whether you want it to or not. Have you ever wondered what others notice about you? These are 7 of the things people most commonly notice. As you read, youโ€™ll probably agree that many of these are things you notice when you look at others, too.

1. Your Smile Will Always Be Noticed

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People will always notice your smile. Of course, they may notice things such as your lipstick, how white your teeth are or other cosmetic effects. But mostly, your smile is noticeable because it lights up your face. You shine from within when you smile. Itโ€™s a glimpse into who you are on the inside.

2. Your Confidence Will Always Shine

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Confidence is very easy to see. If youโ€™re confident then others will pick up on that. Likewise, if youโ€™re feeling anxious and insecure then that will show, too. But we all have moments when we arenโ€™t feeling so sure of ourselves. In those times, you can fake it. Pretend youโ€™ve got the world by the tail and no one need ever know you really arenโ€™t feeling that way.

3. Your Accessories Set You Apart

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Accessories make an outfit. You can wear something very basic and add some pops of color with a scarf or jewelry and it really comes together. Shop for statement pieces and accessories thatโ€™ll set you apart. Others are sure to notice you and how sharply youโ€™re dressed. Donโ€™t be surprised if people start asking you where you get your amazing accessories.

4. The Fit of Your Clothing Matters

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Itโ€™s not always what you wear as much as how you wear it. Ill-fitting clothing is not what you want to be noticed for. But sadly, itโ€™s something that does stand out. Clothing thatโ€™s too small, too big, too short or too long is going to get noticed. Purchase clothing that fits your body. Itโ€™s less about how much you spend or the brands you wear and more about how it flatters you.

5. Your Posture Speaks Volumes

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We should listen to Mom when she tells us to stand up straight. Posture is important and itโ€™s something others notice about you. Donโ€™t stress if you donโ€™t naturally have good posture; Iโ€™m not a member of that elite club, either. But, itโ€™s something you can work on and improve. Resist the urge to slouch and youโ€™ll look taller, slimmer and more comfortable in your surroundings.

6. The State of Your Nails

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You donโ€™t have to have an expensive salon manicure to make a good impression, although they are lovely. But you do want to keep your nails neat. They can be painted, natural or manicured at the salon. The important thing is that you keep them from getting ragged. And all of us have nails that get that way at times; just take care of them as soon as you can.

7. If You Know What Works for You

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Have you ever seen someone and thought, โ€œWow, theyโ€™ve really got it togetherโ€? They know how to put clothing together in a magical way or their makeup or hair is the perfect choice for them? That sort of look jumps out at people. Having wow factor is a wonderful thing for people to notice about you. Take some time figuring out how to make the most of your beauty and youโ€™ll have it, too.

These are 7 things that others often notice about you. Which do you have covered and which do you need to work on? Iโ€™d love to hear from you!

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