What Exactly is Eyebrow Tinting

By Lisa

What Exactly is Eyebrow Tinting

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your beauty routine while enhancing your overall look, eyebrow tinting could be just what you’ve been looking for! Eyebrows are such a hot topic in beauty right now with everyone trying to find their best brow shape or regrow sparse brows that there are a dizzying amount of new products and options available. One of the topics that I kept seeing over and over was eyebrow tinting. I know some of you out there might be interested so I wanted to share the 411 on eyebrow tinting with you. If you’re curious about it and are thinking about trying it out, keep reading to get all the details!

Table of contents:

  1. it’s not permanent
  2. it’s not a replacement for your eyebrow makeup
  3. it can work on just about everyone
  4. it’s safe
  5. it won’t dye your skin
  6. it makes no-makeup days that much better
  7. it might take more than one session

1 It’s Not Permanent

It’s Not Permanent You might’ve guessed this already but eyebrow tinting uses a semi-permanent dye, which is typically vegetable based, that is used to enhance the shade of your natural brows. Most tints last about 2-4 weeks. It typically begins to fade around the second week and by the end of the month, you’ll probably need to get them done again. To help the tint last longer, avoid any harsh cleansers that might prematurely strip the color.

2 It’s Not a Replacement for Your Eyebrow Makeup

It’s Not a Replacement for Your Eyebrow Makeup Some ladies might be so happy with their brow tinting results that they can totally skip the brow pencil or powder. In most cases, you’ll probably still want to add a little something to give your brows more definition and make them stand out even more. Eyebrow tinting isn’t really meant to replace any and all eyebrow makeup but it can really help shave off time in your beauty routine!

3 It Can Work on Just about Everyone

It Can Work on Just about Everyone Many women with lighter eyebrows get tinting done to get a bolder look but it can work for gals like me with darker hair, too. Turns out brow tinting can help brows look fuller and more substantial so even if you have naturally dark hair it can do more than just darken them. Many times with darker hair new hair growth can come in very light so brow tinting can make them more noticeable.

4 It’s Safe

It’s Safe If you go to a trained professional, it’s generally a safe procedure. There are DIY kits out there and if you’re tempted to try them, just be careful to get it from a reputable source. There are lots of articles online on people who do their own brow tinting which can give you some idea of what it’s like to DIY it. Check out these articles for more info: xovain.com and byrdie.com

5 It Won’t Dye Your Skin

It Won’t Dye Your Skin You might have seen some photos online of people getting their brows tinted and they basically look like someone took a fat permanent marker to their face. It can look a little intimidating but rest assured, the dye works on hair and not skin so once the dye is wiped off, there won’t be a trace of it on your skin!

6 It Makes No-makeup Days That Much Better

It Makes No-makeup Days That Much Better Going out without makeup is a great feeling. I enjoy wearing makeup so I wear makeup more often than not but I know if my brows were fuller-looking and darker in all the right places, I would be much more inclined to leave my house sans makeup. I went way overboard tweezing my brows in the past so my brows look a little on the translucent side without any makeup on them. Whether you wear makeup or not, brow tinting can help define your face so you feel more pulled together.

7 It Might Take More than One Session

It Might Take More than One Session If you were like me and over-tweezed your brows, some say you might require more than one tinting session to achieve the look you want, which is understandable. Another great thing about tinting, especially if you have lighter eyebrows is that you won’t see roots like you would with dying your hair. The fading that occurs on the brows is said to be a very gentle one so it won’t be very obvious that you’re in need of a touch-up.

I hope you got a better idea of whether brow tinting is for you or not. I think it sounds like a great option if you want to enhance your brows without committing to tattooing them. Would you ever consider tinting your eyebrows?

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