Proof Positive That Looks Aren't Everything💋👑‼️ ...

There are many reasons why looks don't matter but a lot of us assume that beautiful people have easy lives, because they can flirt their way to the top. While there are definitely perks to being pretty, it can't actually get you everything you want. There are plenty of things that you have to work hard for in life in order to achieve. The world isn't that unfair, because there are reasons why looks don't matter and here are a few things that good looks could never get you:

1. A Job You'll Keep

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If an interviewer is biased, a model might have more luck getting a job than an average looking girl. However, she won't be able to keep the job for long if she doesn't know what she's doing. Even if her good looks somehow got her the job, her hard work is the only thing that will help her keep it. No matter how pretty a person is, they aren't going to continue to get paid if they don't do a job well done.

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