What Makes a Woman Truly Beautiful ?

By Natalya โ€ข โ€ข

What Makes  a Woman Truly Beautiful ?

What makes a woman beautiful? It might not be what you think.

In my personal opinion, a woman is beautiful when she is natural. Simple beauty attracts men. Unnaturalness is already something that is created in mind. When a woman wants to attract men with her makeup, style, appearance and pays much attention to it, it influences her behavior and she becomes insincere.

Woman should be natural, being herself and not pretending to be someone else. When a woman behaves naturally, she looks beautiful, her face shines, and she appears younger. What makes a woman beautiful? The French have it figured out.

Makeup, clothing style and hair are very important to French women, but they know it is the only their appearance and not what's inside. Your inner beauty plays just as big a role in your attractiveness as does how you look on the outside.

In order to be interesting and beautiful, we should widen our knowledge, read books, travelling as much as we can, and just enjoy life.

Donโ€™t do what all the other women are doing. Instead, seek something special and beautiful for yourself. This will make your relationships stronger and longer lasting. When you are natural and you attract attention because of your personal style, makeup and hair, as well as your intellect and kindness, that's what makes you beautiful.

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What can make a woman who is in marriage not to leave her husband alone

So true

I agree with you

This is so true... Thanks for sharing ;)



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