Girl's Guide to Choosing the Best Sunglasses That Rock Their Style ...

By Jordin

Girl's Guide to Choosing the Best Sunglasses That Rock  Their Style ...

What type of sunglasses are perfect for your face shape and skin tone? If you don’t know the answer to this question, then keep reading because I’ve got some pointers that will help you determine how to look great, sexy, and oh-so-chill in the perfect pair of shades! It’s easy to go in the wrong direction with sunglasses, and just the smallest tweak can make a world of difference in how flattering and slimming a simple pair of sunglasses can make you look. Whether you pay wads for your sunnies or opt for less expensive brands, you need to know what will look like a million bucks once you get out in the sun, so let’s get started!

1 Determine Your Skin Tone and Choose a Color That Complements It Well

eyewear, face, clothing, glasses, nose, Are you warm-toned or cool-toned? Do you have a dark complexion or a light one? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you choose a color that suits you well. Darker skinned people can pull off dark colors well while fair skinned people can rock bright shades! If you’re warm-toned, then stay on the gold, bronze, honey, brown and tan train of color. If you have cooler tones, you can wander towards the silver, blue, black, purple and grey colors.

2 Choose a Frame Shape That Contrasts Your Face Shape

clothing, eyewear, sunglasses, hair, blond, The best frame shape for your face will be one that contrasts it. So if you have a round face, go for a square frame. If you have a square face, try round frames! If you have a triangular face, oval frames will suit you best.

3 Pick out a Proportionate Size

eyewear, hair, face, blue, glasses, The most common mistake I see in sunglass wear is when people wear sizes that are completely disproportionate to their face shape. Petite, small faces can only wear a frame so big. And larger faces should avidly avoid tiny frames! To complement and enhance your face, remember to only go up or down by about one size. If the frames look too big or too small for you, they probably are.

4 Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New and Bolder than Usual

face, hair, nose, clothing, glasses, If you typically buy the same exact frame shape and color every year, try to break out of the box! Try a new color or a different shape. Even a design on the edges could bring things up a notch in a subtle way! If you don’t like it, at least you did try it.

5 It’s Okay to Own More than One or Two Pairs of Sunglasses for Different Moods

eyewear, sunglasses, glasses, vision care, fashion accessory, Don’t feel bad for feeding your sunglass addiction! It’s easy to lose, scratch or even break those babies. And you never know when a mood change will strike you, or if the occasion may call for something bolder or sexier or more heavy duty, etc. This is also a good fallback plan in case you followed the previous tip and tried something out of your comfort zone. Don’t like it? Grab your old frames and don’t sweat it.

6 When in Doubt, Get a Second Opinion

face, hair, eyebrow, nose, eyewear, If you’re struggling to find the best fit for you or feel uncertain about a new selection, ask a couple of friends! Even a sales person in a store can help you by offering opinions and suggestions. It never hurts to ask, and then you’ll know for sure instead of second-guessing yourself.

7 Throw out Your Old Sunglasses That Don’t Complement Your Face Shape and Skin Tone

hair, cartoon, black hair, thigh, brown hair, Once you’ve selected new and flattering frames, your number one priority is to find and ditch all your old glasses that did not work for your skin tone and face shape. You don’t want to be tempted to wear them again!

Sunglasses are always an important summer essential, no matter what your plans are or where you live. So make sure that you know your stuff when picking out sunglasses specifically for your face shape and skin tone! You’ll be glad you did when you’re out wearing them and looking fabulous. Confidence looks great on everyone! Thanks for reading today and have a great week, stalkers!

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I always make sure my sunnies got at least 400 or 200 uv protection,eye damage isn't cute


Always make sure they are UV A and B protection


Hey Jordin, You have introduced really an amazing guide on how to select perfect sunglass for your face shape. Really perfect sunglass can frame your face and also can give a stunning touch to your overall appearance. Nice job you have done.


Thanks, now I really wanna buy sunglasses.


great job really!!! so helpful!


I thought this would actually have a guide showing how to find the right frames for your face shape and skin tone, but okay...


Love number one


So # 1 are not sunglasses. The rest of them are pretty bad and yeah always get polarized lenses


I always choose polarized


Suuper helpful! Thank you!!


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