What Your Eyebrow Shape Says about You ...


What Your Eyebrow Shape Says about You ...
What Your Eyebrow Shape Says about You ...

Ever wondered what your eyebrow shape says about you? It’s no secret that the eyes are the windows to the soul so that naturally makes your eyebrows the frame of your face. Before we even open our mouths, we can communicate quite a lot about our personality simply by the way we look. Naturally, a large amount of our personality goes into our decision making when it comes to how we present ourselves, so it’s not much of a surprise that our faces and eyebrows can speak volumes about us. Here's what your eyebrows say about you.

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Thick Brows

eyebrow, face, lip, beauty, cheek, If you have naturally thick and bushy eyebrows, first of all congratulations for having the trendiest brows ever! Thick eyebrows indicate that you don’t mind things au natural and are more likely a free spirit. Confidence is not an issue with you and you can be quite bold and assertive. You find beauty in things just the way they are. While thick eyebrows are currently trending, it’s important to trim the unwanted hairs just to keep them looking well groomed. That what your eyebrow shape says about you!


Thin Brows

eyebrow, beauty, human hair color, lip, cheek, Thin eyebrows are usually a result of over plucking, but there are those with naturally thin brows. Our grooming tip for thin brows is to ensure that you fill them in a little bit because thin, sparse brows have a way of instantly ageing you. Thin brows communicate how delicate you can be. You are generally a kind person who isn’t drawn to conflict and you try to avoid it whenever possible. You stay calm even in crazy situations and are an all round compassionate soul.


Straight Brows

eyebrow, beauty, lip, cheek, chin, If you naturally have straight brows that have little to no arch, they are an indication that you are a very straightforward person (no pun intended). Your straight eyebrows are an indication that when it comes to your personality, what you see is exactly what you get. You fall more on the logical and intellectual side and basically have your daily routines down to a science. You are very down to earth and rational and people love coming to you for advice because of your thoughtful nature. When it comes to grooming tips for straight brows, try to create a natural looking arch toward the tip while filling them in so as to give your face more definition. Work with your natural eyebrow shape, not against it.


Curved Brows

hair, eyebrow, human hair color, skin, beauty, Naturally curved brows are an indication of someone with an extremely creative mind. They also signify trustworthiness so it’s likely you are that friend everyone can count on when things get a little rough. You can be equally as shy as you are outgoing, depending on the situation and you often need time alone to recharge or you get worn out.


High-Arched Brows

eyebrow, face, skin, lip, nose, Often viewed as the perfect eyebrow shape, arched brows show that you are a natural-born leader and are very comfortable taking charge. They are also indicative of creativity, whether visually of through problem solving. You have a way of finding solutions like no one else. You may not come off as friendly and approachable at first and are sometimes capable of striking fear in people, especially your subordinates, but you are just as capable of inspiring them. This is the ultimate power brow for the undisputed #GirlBoss!


Eyebrows with a high arch exude a certain magnetism that can command a room the moment you enter. Much like a carefully curated art piece, they reflect your detail-oriented nature and pinpoint precision in everything you undertake. And while your presence might radiate an air of exclusivity, making you seem unattainable or daunting to some, this contour showcases your unparalleled fortitude. You thrive on overcoming challenges that might intimidate others, making you the quintessential embodiment of determination and resilience. Your brow's bold statement perfectly mirrors your ability to lead with both creativity and authority.


Low-Arched Brows

human hair color, eyebrow, beauty, selfie, black hair, With this brow type, your arch isn’t as defined as those with high-arched brows. Low arched brows are eyebrows that are very close to the eye. People with low-arched brows are said to be the kind you can trust in any situation. They tend to have a very engaging and approachable personality and are also reliable and thoughtful.


Short Brows

eyebrow, beauty, cheek, forehead, lip, If you have short eyebrows, chances are that you are a person that is highly attentive to detail and you know how to stand your ground when need be. Short eyebrows are also a typical sign of someone who doesn’t deal with stress very well. You don’t like hearing others complain about their problems since you also find it hard to cope with life’s difficulties sometimes.

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