What Your Eyebrow 😳 Shape πŸ”ΊπŸ”Ή Says about You ☝️ ...

Ever wondered what your eyebrow shape says about you? It’s no secret that the eyes are the windows to the soul so that naturally makes your eyebrows the frame of your face. Before we even open our mouths, we can communicate quite a lot about our personality simply by the way we look. Naturally, a large amount of our personality goes into our decision making when it comes to how we present ourselves, so it’s not much of a surprise that our faces and eyebrows can speak volumes about us. Here's what your eyebrows say about you.

1. Thick Brows

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If you have naturally thick and bushy eyebrows, first of all congratulations for having the trendiest brows ever! Thick eyebrows indicate that you don’t mind things au natural and are more likely a free spirit. Confidence is not an issue with you and you can be quite bold and assertive. You find beauty in things just the way they are. While thick eyebrows are currently trending, it’s important to trim the unwanted hairs just to keep them looking well groomed. That what your eyebrow shape says about you!

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