What is Your Breast Shape ?

By Neecey

What is Your Breast Shape ?

We know that breasts come in all shapes and sizes and every pair is unique. This uniqueness can make it difficult to buy underwear that fits you perfectly and looks fabulous. Lingerie manufacturer, thirdlove.com has taken a great step to help us out. Despite the huge diversity, they have narrowed down breasts to nine basic shapes and have a handy guide to help you shop better for your shape.

1 Assymetric

Assymetric More common than you might think, many women have breasts where one is larger than the other. Assymetric means where the size difference is more pronounceable. A lightly padded bra will help give a more symmetrical look. Avoid bras that separate breasts as this will highlight size difference.

2 Athletic

Athletic Athletic breasts are wider more muscular breasts with less tissue. A padded bra will add substance and a push up bra will lift the breasts and help create cleavage .

3 Bell

Bell Bell-shaped breasts are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom. Bell shaped breasts benefit most from full coverage bras but unlined (not padded), T-shirt and multi-way bras work well if the right cup size is worn.

4 Relaxed

Relaxed Breasts with lax tissue and nipples pointing downward are defined as relaxed. The best bra for these is one that offers lift and support. Smaller cup sizes can be at home is bras without wiring or lifting.

5 East West

East West If your breasts have nipples pointing outward in opposite directions they have the cute shape definition of east/west. Your breasts are best served by a full coverage bra.

6 Round

Round Round breasts are equally proportioned and full and round at the top and bottom. Unlined and front closure bras are the best bet for round breasts.

7 Side Set

Side Set If there is a wide gap between your breasts, they are defined as being side set. A push-up bra, particularly with front closure, is good for creating cleavage.

8 Slender

Slender The definition of slender is thin breasts with downward-pointing nipples. The most important feature of bras for this breast type is getting the right cup size.

9 Teardrop

Teardrop A cross between round and bell shape, teardrop breasts are round but are slightly less full at the top. Unlined and front closing bras are the optimal styles.

You'll have noticed that there's not so many bra types mentioned here. That's because there are some bra styles that fit most breast types.

The T-shirt bra does the trick for most, as does the multi-way if the cup shape is right for the breast size and shape.

A front-closure bra is great for creating cleavage as are push-up bras.

Wireless bras are good for breasts that aren't above a dd cup size.

Bralettes are great for comfort but because they offer light support, best suited for breasts smaller than an e cup.

If you're wondering about strapless bras, the most important consideration is not breast type but fit. The band should be tight enough that you feel secure (but not so tight you can't breathe).

Now you've got no reason to buy or wear ill-fitting bras.

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