Why Are Women so Self-conscious about Their Body ?


Why Are Women so Self-conscious about Their Body ?
Why Are Women so Self-conscious about Their Body ?

Why are so many women self-conscious about their body?

Society makes people self-conscious about their body. Social media, magazines, and celebrities make women and young girls worry about their body. On social media is used every day by young teenagers. It is not just social media, it is also television. 1 out of 10 young teenagers or women do not feel satisfied with their body being in front of a mirror.

On Instagram, you see celebrities or models posting. Their self-esteem might be very low. Many women and young girls do not like their stomach and want to spend thousands of dollars for surgery to get their stomach flat. There can be side effects and a lot of health risks of having surgery done to your stomach.

When we go shopping, it is so hard to find our size in the department store. You will see a lot of small sizes in clothes such as 0 or 1.

A lot of us are always having a bad hair day. We just don't know how to manage our hair on a regular basis, but you see other women with pretty hair. Some of the celebrities and models wear fake hair and don't care. They are probably spending money on that, and it makes us feel bad because we want our hair to be beautiful for work, school, or for us.

Women and young girls should not worry about the people who post their body on social media at all and know that they are beautiful inside and out.

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