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Why is Sleep so Important ?

By Zayna

Wondering why sleep is so important? Beauty sleep is a great way to keep your skin gorgeous and young. It is important that we get enough sleep at night because it helps your body repair itself and recover. Here's a list of why sleep is so important for your looks.

1 Fewer Wrinkles

Your skin repairs itself when you sleep and helps prevent sagging. It also produces more collagen so that your skin remains plumper and tighter. Try to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours at night for smooth and softer skin. Avoiding wrinkles is one of the top reasons why sleep is so important.

2 A Glowing Complexion

While you are sleeping, your body stimulates blood flow which results in a natural glow to your skin. Sleep deprivation will give you opposite results because it will decrease your blood flow and make your skin appear dull.


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3 Brighter Eyes

When you get enough sleep, you will notice that your eyes are much brighter and less puffy. This can also prevent dark circles and bags that are not easy to get rid of.

4 Healthier Hair

Many people suffer from hair loss, which can be due to not getting enough beauty sleep. Blood flow gives your hair follicles the vitamins and nutrients that it needs. Also, stress can cause you to lose hair because of the hormone cortisol.

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