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Why You Should Not Be Ashamed of Your Scars ...

By Alison

If you've been left with scars from surgery or acne, you may feel very self-conscious about them and hate anyone seeing them. You might be too embarrassed to let anyone see your body, even your partner. But you shouldn't feel ashamed of your scars or think that they make you ugly. Here's why you should never feel ashamed of your scars …

1 They Show You've Survived

I have an 8 inch scar right down my abdomen. It's faded a lot, though it's very long. But that scar doesn't bother me. You know why? Because it reminds me that I survived a very serious illness and came through the other end. Without that scar I wouldn't be alive, so I'm actually kind of grateful for it. Your scars show that you're a survivor too!

2 They're Probably Not as Obvious as You Think

You might feel as though your scars are as obvious as a flashing neon sign, but most people probably don't even notice them. If you can cover them up with clothing, people definitely aren't going to see them. Even if they're 'on display', they're probably not that obvious; most people have got better things to think about!


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3 Nice People Won't Judge You

Even if your scars are noticeable, decent people won't judge you for them. And if other people aren't going to think badly of you, then why should you judge yourself? Be kind to yourself and stop worrying about your scars. They don't make you a bad person and they don't make you ugly.

4 Scars Shouldn't Stop You from Wearing a Bikini

I have absolutely no worries about wearing a bikin, even though my scar is visible. So what if people look at it? Though I very much doubt they even notice it! When we're self-conscious about something, it's a fair bet that other people aren't even aware of the thing we're worried about.

5 They're Part of Your Story

Your scars are a part of your story, and part of you. They may remind you of a difficult time that you'd rather forget. But they're there for a reason, and what happened to you can't be changed. Learn to view your scars as something that's there, but that doesn't define you - you're more than just a set of scars.

6 They Show How Far You've Come

Even if you have bad memories associated with your scars, there's a positive side to them. They show that you survived a difficult experience and came through the other side. So be proud of yourself for getting this far. You're a strong person who coped with your problems as best you could.

7 It's Nobody else's Business

Often we dislike our scars because we think they spoil our looks or that people will judge us harshly. But even if they do, that reflects badly on them rather than on us. So what if someone has scars? It doesn't make them ugly or a bad person. But someone who judges them for something they couldn't help is not being very compassionate.

So you mustn't be ashamed of your scars. It's a sign of healing and shows that you survived. It doesn't matter that your body isn't the same as it was before, so don't be critical of yourself. Other people won't notice them if you don't!

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