This is Why Women Shouldn't Fall for the Latest 'It' Products ...

Alison Bryant

This is Why Women Shouldn't Fall for the Latest 'It' Products ...

Every week sees a new beauty product on the market claiming miraculous results. It'll make you look years younger, give you the perfect airbrushed look, or remove any imperfections. And although we all know that nothing is that effective, women still fall for the hype and buy these products. Here's why you shouldn't fall for the latest beauty miracle and waste your hard-earned cash …

1 Creams Can't Be That Effective

It's simply not possible for creams to have a major effect on your skin. If they could do everything they are claimed to do, they would be classed as medicines and have to be sold as prescription-only. The effect that creams have on your skin is largely superficial. Women want the creams to work so convince themselves that these products are amazing!

2 It's about Making Money

Companies are only interested in making money. They're not in business to be altruistic. They play on the insecurities of women about their looks and the aging process, which is a perfectly natural process. These companies spend a fortune on marketing and advertising. That's one reason why the products are so pricey - not because they're really worth the money!

3 Unsubstantiated Claims

Companies often make impressive claims about trials they've carried out before launching the product. They'll say things like '89% of women saw visible improvement'. But the trials may be carried out on just a handful of women, and the claims are difficult to substantiate. How do you judge the degree of improvement, and isn't it difficult to assess anyway?

4 Altered Images

Models used in advertising are not the women who've tested out the product. In fact, the images bear little resemblance to the model's real face. Airbrushing removes any imperfections, not the so-called miracle cream! They also use models in their twenties to advertise anti-aging products; women of that age don't need anti-aging creams and should have flawless skin anyway!

5 There's Always a New Miracle Product

If you buy into the hype, you'll be buying another new miracle product long before you've finished the last one. New products come out every week, each of them making grandiose claims about the amazing results you can achieve. But they never turn out anywhere near as effective as they claim, and so disappointed women keep searching for the elusive product that does live up to its promise …

6 Don't Believe the Hype

Don't fall for celebrity endorsements either. Celebrities are paid to rave about products on Twitter and Instagram, as companies have realised that they can reach huge markets thanks to their vast social media following. There's no proof that the celebs actually use the product they're promoting - and they also have access to expensive dermatologists and beauty treatments.

7 A Healthy Lifestyle Makes the Greatest Difference

The best thing you can do for your skin is lead a healthy lifestyle. Eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, don't smoke, and avoid too much exposure to the sun. Many people think that sun damage is the signs of aging, and no cream can undo that.

That's not to say that none of these products are any good, just that you should be wary of their claims and not expect too much from them. Keep in mind that this is a huge and very lucrative business. Have you tried any products that you do think justify the hype?