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7 Winter Tips for Lips That Are Soft and Healthy ...

By Jessica

As the cold, dry weather settles in, we're all in need of some winter tips for lips that keep chapped and flaky skin at bay. I am addicted to a good lip balm and always carry it. If you struggle with keeping your lips moisturized, then here are some winter tips for lips that you need to check out.

1 Don't Overdo It on Lip Balm

Wearing too much lip balm, Chapstick and lip gloss can actually dry your lips out! This is because your lips naturally produce moisture to keep them supple so when you're constantly moisturizing them, the need for your body to naturally produce the oils it requires goes away. So remember, less is more which is one of the most important winter tips for lips that are dry!

2 Exfoliate

The cold months of winter can leave your lips flaky and chapped. This isn't comfortable, attractive or conducive for good lipstick application! Exfoliating 1-2 times a week is very beneficial in getting rid of dead skin and revealing smooth, plump lips. You can purchase lip scrubs and moisturizers, but I've found a couple methods that work just as well and are virtually free! Take a warm, damp wash cloth and gently rub your lips in light, circular motions. Then apply a thick balm like vitamin E oil or coconut oil to replenish moisture. You can also use a soft toothbrush with warm water in the same way.

3 Use Lip Masks

Lip masks work to get rid of dry and dead skin while deeply repairing and moisturizing your lips. There are plenty of homemade lip masks that are nourishing and smell amazing.Shea butter, olive oil and vanilla combined make the perfect, 20 minute mask!

4 Select Lipsticks Wisely

I love the look of lipstick and how they add definition to your daily makeup. I've found however that some lipsticks can be extremely drying, especially lip stains. It's best to stick with moisturizing lipsticks or brands that you know and swear by instead of buying something new. That way you won't waste your money or be disappointed!

5 Don't Lick Your Lips

This may sound kind of funny but it's true. Constantly licking your lips because they are dry can actually make them more dry because saliva will deplete them of moisture. It's the same concept as washing your hands too often or not moisturizing after a bath/shower. Water pulls moisture from the skin as it evaporates, so don't lick your lips!

6 Use Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and may actually repair cell damage. That's why so many anti-aging beauty products contain Vitamin E - that and it's used to protect your lips from sun damage. This rich oil serves many purposes for protecting and treating your dry lips.

7 Use a Protectant Lip Balm

As mentioned above, use Vitamin E as an antioxidant and for protection purposes. You should also use a lip balm that has at least SPF 15 in it. Sometimes we forget to protect our lips from sun while they are just as sensitive to UV rays if not more so, than our skin!

For me, having dry skin is incredibly irritating. Even more so with dry lips! For those of you who struggle with dry lips, what methods have you found to be most beneficial?

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