Witty Makeup Memes All Makeup Lovers Can Relate to ...

By Lisa

Witty Makeup Memes All Makeup Lovers Can Relate to ...

If you like wearing makeup or even consider yourself a little beauty obsessed like me, then you're going to LOVE these hilarious makeup memes! I was surprised to see so many great memes that perfectly capture what's on the mind of makeup lovers all over the world. Let's get scrolling and have a good laugh!

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Cover Squirrel
  2. 2. Sephora
  3. 3. Beat Face
  4. 4. Maury
  5. 5. Too Much Makeup
  6. 6. Give Me 5 Minutes
  7. 7. Perfect Concealer
  8. 8. In a Better Place
  9. 9. Humidity Vs. Hair
  10. 10. Upgrade
  11. 11. I Want More!
  12. 12. Washing Brushes
  13. 13. Truth!
  14. 14. Waste of Makeup
  15. 15. The Magic of Contour
  16. 16. Nails Did
  17. 17. That Salon Fresh Feeling
  18. 18. Coconut Oil
  19. 19. But First, Let Me Take a Selfie
  20. 20. Filters
  21. 21. Send Me Nudes
  22. 22. Highlight
  23. 23. Wet Nails
  24. 24. Testers
  25. 25. Want a Cookie?

1 Cover Squirrel

Abashwe,Suhel,Ammar,nose,skin, Source: 33 Most Perfectly Timed Photos
This is not only cute, but I think we've all had that feeling where we feel like a cover girl!

2 Sephora

Alpesh Patel,action film,ONE,DOES,NOT, Source: 29 Things All Sephora Addicts
Sephora, Ulta, the beauty aisle of drugstores, you know how it is.

3 Beat Face

face,nose,head,mouth,organ, Source: 20 Signs You're Addicted To
Sadly, this has happened too many times to count.

4 Maury

Harshit Saxena,Alpesh Patel,person,speech,official, Source: livememe.com - Maury Determined That
Sephora account ratted you out!

5 Too Much Makeup

text,cartoon,font,line,shape, Source: 36 Of The Best Beauty
Is there really such a thing as too much makeup?! *Eye roll*

6 Give Me 5 Minutes

Bandama Caldera,MONROE, MARILYN,Marilyn Monroe, Back Stage,Marilyn Monroe, Back Stage,Marilyn Monroe, Back Stage, Source: Kerry Washington, Emma Roberts, and
Stop rushing me!

7 Perfect Concealer

face,eyebrow,nose,eyelash,eye, Source: 36 Of The Best Beauty
Such a pretty way to cover up dark circles.

8 In a Better Place

text,font,brand,line,presentation, Source: 36 Of The Best Beauty
Ever stop and think about where they are now?

9 Humidity Vs. Hair

Fantasy football,text,cartoon,font,writing, Source: The 40 Funniest Hair and
Humidity always wins!

10 Upgrade

Diteq,Blink 182,brush,tool,STARTED, Source: Make-up for brown girls
We've come a long way, baby.

11 I Want More!

text,cartoon,poster,album cover,advertising, Source: Livin' La Vida Loca: Finding
We're collectors, we always need to add to the collection.

12 Washing Brushes

album cover,brand,presentation,WHen,HAve, Source: 19 Makeup Memes That'll Leave
Such a painful realization.

13 Truth!

Cool Weed,text,cartoon,font,advertising, If your hair and makeup aren't done and your clothes are a mess, get ready to run into your crush.

14 Waste of Makeup

text,cartoon,font,brand,presentation, Source: The 40 Funniest Hair and
Um, can I have a do-over?

15 The Magic of Contour

Mona Lisa,Mona Lisa, c.1507,Mona Lisa, c.1507,DA VINCI, LEONARDO,Mona Lisa, La Gioconda, Source: 36 Beauty Memes That Will
Can't forget to contour!

16 Nails Did

Fancy Feast,reptile,vertebrate,scaled reptile,fauna, Source: Sassy Lizard
You know that feeling after a fresh manicure.

17 That Salon Fresh Feeling

text,cartoon,brand,writing,illustration, Source: The 40 Funniest Hair and
Feeling like a zillion bucks.

18 Coconut Oil

cartoon,font,brand,illustration,presentation, Source: 36 Of The Best Beauty
Can coconut oil also fix my broken eye shadow palette and my student loans?

19 But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

Far Lands or Bust,hair,human hair color,face,blond, Source: The Best Beauty Memes of
Good friends will only use our best selfies

20 Filters

text,font,product,line,brand, Source: 36 Of The Best Beauty
Instagram always has our backs!

21 Send Me Nudes

lipstick,beauty,lip,cosmetics,organ, Source: 19 Makeup Memes That'll Leave
You've never been so eager to send pics!

22 Highlight

Pets Nature,Biber,Gutscheine de,face,nose, Source: 19 Makeup Memes That'll Leave
Oh, you know, just a little highlight.

23 Wet Nails

Vie I Pee,face,nose,head,mouth, Source: Roligt
How many times has this thought crossed your mind?

24 Testers

hair,face,nose,hairstyle,head, Source: Young Luxe Lifestyle
We know better than that.

25 Want a Cookie?

person,muscle,brand,sense,neck, Source: Gallery For > Makeup Meme
Hey, we actually like wearing makeup!

What did you think, ladies? Do you have favorite makeup meme that wasn't on this list?

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