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Women Are so Much More than Their Bodies and Here's Why ...

By John

Women are so much more than their bodies.

Even in this day and age, women in the world are objectified. They are only there what they look like and for their body. There are still people out there that look at women as just that. But women are so much more than their bodies.

I saw an instance online where a woman had two different pictures up. One of them was her in a sweatshirt, while the other was her in a swimsuit, showing a lot of skin. The one with the sweatshirt had normal style comments while the swimsuit one had gawking style comments glorifying her body parts. One of them mentioned, "stop being so gorgeous", because apparently to them she was only gorgeous in a swimsuit.

How could the same woman, in two different pictures, be so gorgeous in one, but not the other?

Any woman anywhere is gorgeous no matter what she has on. People in society seem to still think the only way you can be beautiful is by how much flesh you expose.

You can see it in life at times where women seem to wear less because they may think that's how they look beautiful to others. The amount of flesh you're showing seems to determine how beautiful you are.

That is obviously nowhere near the truth. Women are beautiful for everything they are. Eyes, her smile, sweatshirt and sweatpants on a lounging day, or dressed up to the nines for a night out ... beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

A woman is way more than her body parts. Everything about a woman, inside and out, is who she is. No woman is defined by how much flesh she exposes and women are beautiful because of who they are, not what they're wearing.

A woman's looks remain beautiful no matter how much she has on or how much she has off. All women, everywhere, should always know, no matter what, that their beauty will always be there.

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