Women with resting Bitch Face Will Love This News ...

By Holly

Women with resting Bitch Face Will Love This News ...

According to Elite Daily, your resting bitch face might actually be a good thing! Why? Because women who are always asked if they're in a bad mood, just because of the way their faces look, understand the importance of body language better than other women do.

That means that, when the time comes, they know how to express their emotions through their posture, lips, and eyes. Plus, it helps them avoid misunderstandings. They're never going to get mad at someone for giving them a seemingly dirty look, because they know that the words a person says mean more than the way that a person stares.

Here's an exact quote from Rene Paulson, the founder of Elite Research: "Women confronted by a world that automatically attaches negative attributes to their non-smiling face must quickly learn how to communicate and also hone a finely-tuned awareness of both our own emotions and the emotions of those around us.

"Women used to being constantly misunderstood focus more on the words someone says, rather than their tone, body cues, or facial expressions, ensuring a more effective flow of information between both parties."

That's great news for most of us! Are you one of the women cursed (or maybe blessed) with resting bitch face?

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