8 Wonderful Tips for Beautiful Sandal Ready Feet ...


8 Wonderful Tips for Beautiful Sandal Ready Feet ...
8 Wonderful Tips for Beautiful Sandal Ready Feet ...

Do you have sandal ready feet? If not, it’s time to get those bad boys in shape, because sandal season is just around the corner and you don’t want to be looking rough while all the other girls are well polished and beautiful. I love sandal weather and can’t wait to slip into my favorite pair.

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Alpha Hydroxy Acid Cream

Slather some Alpha Hydroxy Acid cream on your feet. The AHA helps exfoliate the dead dry skin that have accumulated on your feet during winter. Rub the cream on every night to help get those heels looking smooth.


Soak with Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is one amazing essential oil. It does so many different things. In this case it works as an antiseptic and kills fungus. Before you bare them, make your feet sandal ready by adding a couple of drops into a warm foot bath.


Scrub Away Rough Patches

If you have any remaining rough patches of dry skin on your feet you are going to want to scrub that away. Get a good foot exfoliating cream and rub it into your heels. Before long you will have beautiful sandal ready feet.


Treat Cuticles

Cuticles are that annoying skin that grow over the base of your nail. When you get out of the shower or after you have soaked your feet, add a little cuticle oil and gently push the skin down. Follow up by clipping the skin with a cuticle clipper.



Just like you moisturize the rest of your skin, you also need to moisturize your feet. Rub a little lotion on your feet in the morning when you start your day. They will love you for you it and in turn you will have sandal ready feet.


Trim Toenails

Girl, you know when those things are too long and needed to be cut. There just isn’t anything cute about toe nail claws unless you are a wild feline in the jungle. Keep your toenails trimmed regularly. Don’t forget to file them if they appear jagged or misshaped.


Add Polish

All sandal ready feet have perfectly polished toes. Pick out your favorite color or try a new trendy color. Think bright and bold. Try greens, blues and orange for something trendy and different.


Find Some Great Sandals

My favorite part of getting sandal ready feet is finding the perfect sandals to pair them with. Get your girlfriends, grab your wallet, and head to your favorite shoe store. Sandals are already out on display. Now is the time to start looking for your perfect summer pair.

The sooner you start getting sandal ready feet, the sooner you can show them off. Gives these tips a try and come back to let me know how it worked out.

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I don't think they're called cuticles, they're called calluses. Cuticles are on your fingernails... correct me if I'm wrong though!

Love the article, but there are SO many spelling errors! Please proof-read, it will help your site appear much more professional.

nothing to do with this particular post, but what's going on with the site? what's with the weird layout? it needs to be restored to how it was, this layout is really confusing & all over the place, just inconvenient.

I actually like the format!!! everything looks great!

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