Wonderful Ways for All Girls to Fall in Love with Their Bodies ...

By Lisa

Wonderful Ways for All Girls to Fall in Love with Their Bodies ...

I’ll be the first to admit that learning to love my body hasn’t been easy. It feels like I’ve been obsessing over my weight, height, skin, hair, and the size of my body parts forever and I’ve become accustomed to picking myself apart. As destructive as this behavior is, I completely thought it was normal. As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize that this behavior is unhealthy and have learned to appreciate that my body is different from others. It might not be easy, but learning to love our bodies is crucial. We were all made with different curves and edges and we should all be proud of the way we look. If you are like me and have trouble appreciating your body for what it is, please keep reading for some excellent tips!

1 Declutter Your Brain

hair, face, facial expression, white, person, First order of business is to clear your house of any beauty and fashion magazines that make you feel self-conscious. Next, unfollow any accounts on social media that are not body positive and don’t make you feel good about yourself. Getting rid of these visuals will help clear your brain and better prepare you to make the transition from body negative to body positive.

2 Practice Positive Self-talk

hair, photograph, person, clothing, blue, Whether you repeat affirmations, give yourself a pep talk, or surround yourself with inspirational quotes, practicing positive self-talk with help get you on the right track again. You’ve been feeding yourself all this negativity, now it’s time to change things up and flood your brain with positivity. Even if it feels fake or weird in the beginning, keep at it, and eventually it’ll start coming naturally to you!

3 Listen to What Your Body Wants

clothing, image, beauty, girl, photography, Your body knows best so listen to what it needs and be good to yourself. Stop ignoring your body when it tells you to eat, drink, be active, or rest. By listening to what your body needs and taking good care of yourself, you’ll be able to love your body even more. Being in tune with your body is a beautiful thing and you’ll learn so much more about yourself.

4 Fill up with Healthy Food

clothing, lady, beauty, blond, fashion, If you don’t feel good about the way you look, be sure that you’re fueling yourself with nutritious, clean food. Filling up on junk food or restricting what you eat might seem like a good idea at the time, but in the long run, a healthy body is most important. Eating healthy food like fruits, vegetables, and lean protein with treats in moderation. Your skin will be much clearer and your body will feel so much better when you fuel it with what it needs.

5 Treat Yourself

property, swimming pool, home, jacuzzi, backyard, Take time to treat your body well. You do a lot during the day whether it’s school, work, workouts, sports, and studying so you should allow yourself indulge in some “me” time. Have a nice bubble bath, put a nourishing mask on your face, exfoliate your skin, give yourself a pedicure, or anything else that would make you feel good and increase your confidence. Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive in order to make you feel good.

6 Reevaluate Your Wardrobe

white, clothing, leg, dress, thigh, In the past, my entire closet consisted of dark, loose-fitting clothes in order to try to hide my body. This was not cute! Wearing big, baggy clothes doesn’t make you look or feel any better, it just feels more comfortable mentally and physically. Trade in those old baggy clothes for more flattering pieces that will accentuate your body shape so you have both style and comfort.

7 Give Yourself a Break

clothing, swimwear, beauty, supermodel, leg, Being active is important to living a healthy lifestyle but it’s equally as important to allow yourself time to be lazy and rest. Your body isn’t designed to run forever, even your cell phone needs to recharge! Don’t forget to give yourself time to rest and rejuvenate no matter how busy you get. Your body will be thankful and you’ll be that much more prepared to tackle your next task.

We hope you’ll start incorporating these steps into your daily routine! They might seem like small steps that won’t make a huge difference but they will over time. Life is way too short to spend it beating ourselves up and hating the way we look! Visit operationbeautiful.com for more tips on learning to love yourself.

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