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You Wont Believe These Food Tattoos Actually Exist ...

By Eliza

People choose tattoos for a variety of reasons, often based on a personal preference, a life event or something else that holds a special meaning. Sometimes that thing happens to be food. Surprised? There are loads of food tattoos that will blow your mind. Or at least make your mouth water.

Table of contents:

  1. Donut love
  2. Ice cream sundae
  3. Bacon forever
  4. Loyalty to pizza
  5. Zombie cupcake
  6. Peanut butter and jelly
  7. To die for a taco
  8. Tropical fruit
  9. Play on words
  10. Delicious pop tart
  11. Plate of sushi
  12. For the chef in you
  13. The whole garden
  14. Double meaning
  15. Loaded hot dog
  16. Double stack
  17. Kitchenaid mixer
  18. Fun waffle animals
  19. Gotta love pie
  20. Cupcake piled high
  21. Macaroni and cheese

1 Donut Love

If a gooey donut is your love, why not get one tattooed on your body?

2 Ice Cream Sundae

All wrapped with a bow and ready to be eaten.

3 Bacon Forever

After all, everything is better with bacon, right?

4 Loyalty to Pizza

Would you get this tattooed on your arm?

5 Zombie Cupcake

Would you ever think to get a zombie cupcake tattoo?

6 Peanut Butter and Jelly

Isn't this adorable?

7 To Die for a Taco

The answer is always "yes" when it comes to tacos.

8 Tropical Fruit

Your food tattoo doesn't have to be all about the food.

9 Play on Words

You'd really need to love pho to get a tattoo like this one.

10 Delicious Pop Tart

This tattoo works for both men and women. Do you love it?

11 Plate of Sushi

Do you love sushi enough to get a tattoo that proves it?

12 For the Chef in You

If you love to cook, you will adore this chef-inspired tattoo.

13 The Whole Garden

Show off your love of veggies with a tattoo like this one.

14 Double Meaning

Prove that you love olives with this fantastic tattoo.

15 Loaded Hot Dog

If I were to get a food tattoo, this might be the one!

16 Double Stack

A big double juicy hamburger is never a bad idea.

17 Kitchenaid Mixer

Got a love of baking? Here's the tattoo for you!

18 Fun Waffle Animals

Have you ever seen anything more adorable?

19 Gotta Love Pie

Who doesn't love a slice of Mom's homemade pie?

20 Cupcake Piled High

This tattoo is sure to make you smile anytime you see it.

21 Macaroni and Cheese

Is mac and cheese your comfort food? Mine too!

Do you see a food tattoo you'd ever get? If you got food tattooed on your body, what would it be?

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