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8 Youthful Attributes to Keep Your Inner Child Alive ...

By Lezlie

Have you noticed that some women seem to have youthful attributes no matter what their true age is? It's like they found a way to dodge time somehow! Some of those youthful attributes are a part of their genetic makeup, but others can be attained by any woman. Here is a list of 8 youthful attributes to keep your inner child alive and kicking.

1 Long Hair

There's nothing I love more than a short sexy haircut but there aren't many attributes as youthful as long healthy hair! Long hair has always been a sign of vitality, as well as fertility. If you're one of those women whose hair grows like weeds, consider yourself blessed and take care of it! If you struggle with hair growth, consider taking an organic vitamin for hair, nails & skin. You can even take pre-natal vitamins for hair growth and will reap the other benefits from taking a ton of nutrients.

2 Curly Hair

Maybe it's the image of Shirley Temple etched in my memory, but I've always connected curly hair with youthfulness. Curly hair is noted for softening features, while straight hair elongates the face. Curly hair is often connected with being wild & free, and those are pretty youthful attributes. I do have friends who swear they look younger with straight hair, so it may vary from woman to woman.


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3 Freckles

I once heard that freckles were kisses from angels but they are actually genetically pre-determined and brought to life by exposure to the sun. Freckles are often associated with youthfulness and can be a mark of innocence as well as being a misfit. I know you remember Pippi Longstocking! And get this ladies, freckles can be faked, just like other desirable attributes. Holly Fulton models were given faux freckles drawn with eyeshadow during London Fashion Week!

4 Dimples

Did you know that dimples are actually a facial muscle deformity? They are also considered a sign of attractiveness in many cultures. Dimples are a common genetic trait that appear in infancy and can fade over time, but not always. Whenever I see a dimple I just want to pinch it! A dimpled cheek, that is! Dimples can also appear on the chin and buttocks, but let's focus on the face, shall we? Since most dimples deepen as a person smiles, they are often connected to joyfulness.

5 Joyful

Joy is described as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. When I think of joy I think of an infant laughing and smiling over anything and everything. You can still witness joy in toddlers as they play imaginary games. It seems rare to find the attribute of joy in an adult, after all life is hard! But I have known women who are genuinely joyful and it's so refreshing. If you have found a way to get your joy back, please share with us in the comment section because a joyful woman is powerful.

6 Clean Mouth

A clean mouth is a youthful attribute in multiple ways. First, a physically clean mouth with white teeth and fresh breath is a mouth that is likely to smile more. White teeth will brighten your overall appearance and is a simple way to take off a few years. I usually buy whitening strips but for my birthday this year I'm considering getting laser teeth whitening treatments. Secondly, a clean mouth means refraining from cursing. Yes, there are some pretty rough kids out there who like to curse, but in general when we think of cursing we think of adult sailors. Guarding your words is another attainable youthful attribute.

7 Curiosity

Do you remember having a million questions about everything? Maybe you still have that driving force to learn new things. Curiosity is a wonderful thing because it can lead to new discoveries in life. If you find yourself in a rut, take some time to journal from your heart. Be honest with yourself and the desires that may still be in your heart. Once you narrow down what's in your heart, take the next step and sign up for the class, read the book, or whatever it is you need to do to turn your curiosity into a reality.

8 Dreamer

Walt Disney said that if we dream it, we can do it ladies! Are you a dreamer? The ability to hold on to your dreams and believe they are possible is definitely a youthful attribute. We all start out with dreams. You know the old line, "You can be anything when you grow up Jenny, the President, an Astronaut, even a Princess." Well, technically it's true. Maybe you are at a point in life where your original dreams seem absolutely impossible to attain. If that's the case, maybe you can start believing in a new dream and hold on to it.

I hope this list of 8 youthful attributes at least entertained you if nothing else. We can't change our DNA to get dimples if we don't have them. Well, I heard there is a place in Beverly Hills that does that, but I don't know I can recommend that. But, I can definitely recommend taking some time to remember your inner child, embrace her and let her out! Can you think of any other youthful attributes?

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