8 Youthful Attributes to Keep Your Inner Child Alive ...

Have you noticed that some women seem to have youthful attributes no matter what their true age is? It's like they found a way to dodge time somehow! Some of those youthful attributes are a part of their genetic makeup, but others can be attained by any woman. Here is a list of 8 youthful attributes to keep your inner child alive and kicking.

1. Long Hair

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There's nothing I love more than a short sexy haircut but there aren't many attributes as youthful as long healthy hair! Long hair has always been a sign of vitality, as well as fertility. If you're one of those women whose hair grows like weeds, consider yourself blessed and take care of it! If you struggle with hair growth, consider taking an organic vitamin for hair, nails & skin. You can even take pre-natal vitamins for hair growth and will reap the other benefits from taking a ton of nutrients.

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