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10 YouTube Channels Beauty Fanatics Need to Check out ASAP ...

By Lucy

These days it's so easy to go on YouTube and learn a whole lot from just a few great tutorials! The names on this list are just a few of the most amazing beauty inspired YouTuber out there for us to watch! Who's your favourite beauty YouTuber?

1 Hannah Renee

Hannah is an expert on all things makeup related! She has tons of makeup tutorials for anyone to watch and learn from, plus reviews on lots of MAC and Bobbi Brown products.

2 Diana Saldana

Diana has plenty of videos on her favourite makeup products as well as general favourites for the current month. She also has lots of makeup inspired hauls from various brands such as BUXOM and Sephora.


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3 Danielle Mansutti

Danielle is great at doing videos on first impressions for various products as well as makeup tutorial for things such as smoky eye looks and shimmery eyeshadow, just to name a few.

4 Kathleen Lights

Kathleen has some really good videos on comparing drugstore makeup products with high end products, also included with her personal reviews of them. She has tutorials for things such as lime green eyeshadow and using shades of teal.

5 Jackie Wyers

Jackie focuses mainly on hairstyle tutorials inspired from different celebrities such as Blake Lively, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. That being said, she also has makeup tutorials for looks that go well with the hairstyles.

6 Isabella Fiori

Isabella has lots of helpful makeup tutorials for things such as winged linger, bold brows and smoky eyes in various shades. That being said, she also has great reviews for makeup products such as the very popular Kylie Lip Kit.

7 Maddi Bragg

Maddi has a good balance of both makeup tutorials and haircare tips. A few of her tutorials are about achieving dark, dramatic lips and her everyday makeup routine.

8 Fleur DeForce

Fleur often reviews her favourite products and has plenty of hauls from brands such as Sephora and Kat Von D. She also has videos on great face masks and disappointing high end makeup products that she's tried and not liked.

9 Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn has makeup tutorials on things such as how to contour, apply highlight and blush correctly and glamourous party makeup. Like the others, she also has plenty of product reviews and hauls.

10 Carli Bybel

Carli is one of the best for makeup tutorials for colour correcting, contouring and gorgeous smoky eyes in various shades. That being said, she also has lots of hairstyle tutorials for double Dutch braids, crown braids and long-lasting curls.

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