7 Amazing Eye Makeup Tips for Teenagers ...


Welcome, teens and Moms alike, to these 7 amazing eye makeup tips for teenagers! For girls, discovering makeup is like a rite of passage, just like getting a driver's license or a first kiss. However, getting used to what kinds of makeup and techniques look best on you can be tricky and may take some time. It's often a lot of trial and error, and definitely tons of practice! So whether you're a teenager reading this for some helpful makeup tips, or a parent reading this to help their daughters figure out a flattering makeup routine, there is always something new to learn when it comes to makeup. Eye makeup is usually the most exciting aspect for teens just beginning to experiment with shades and styles. So to get you started with the fun and wonderful world of eye makeup, here are 7 amazing eye makeup tips for teenagers!

1. Less is More

The most important of these eye makeup tips for teenagers to learn is that less is more! Teenagers need to remember that makeup should enhance the way your face naturally looks and highlight your features, not make you look like a completely different person. No matter your age, too much makeup makes you look worse, not better. If you wear foundation, powder, blush, liner, mascara, eyeshadow, lip liner and gloss on an everyday basis, then you're overdoing it. So tone it down! When it comes to your eye makeup, all you really need is a great mascara and maybe a thin line of eyeliner on your top lid. Bright colored eye shadow should be used sparingly and not on an everyday basis, as well as heavy eyeliner. Wearing neutral colored makeup is always a safe bet for teenagers.

Your Lips or Your Eyes, Never Both
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